Big Dreamers Manifesta

Believe anything is possible.

Believe in yourself, and believe in others.

Big dreams start with equality, respect, justice, and compassion.
Don’t judge yourself or others for the mistakes we make.
Focus on what connects us as humans instead.
It’s OK not to know what you really want, or who you really are.
Building dreams takes time. Building dreams requires action.

Start doing something now.

Don’t wait. For anything. Or anyone.

Don’t believe what others tell you. Don't worry about what they think of you.
You’re in charge of your dreams. Only you can make them happen.
Put yourself first. It's not selfish. It's smart.
Don't limit yourself. Ask for help when you need it.

Don’t follow other people’s dreams.
Find your own.

Don't diet. Stop being a good girl. Let go of perfection. It doesn't work.

Remember to love yourself. You deserve your dreams just the way you are.
Rise above the norm, the shoulds and have-tos. Make up your own rules.
Never stop exploring. Question everything.

Remember you’re a work in progress.

Prepare for opportunities. Seize all that come your way.

When you achieve them, your big dreams will feel like miracles. Enjoy them.
Don’t let fear stop you from creating your life’s work.

Be courageous. Change the world.


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It all starts with You

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It all starts with You

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