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10 self-care practices for everyday health

We’re talking about health in The Boho Loft this month, and more precisely, holistic health and the different aspects that matter to our mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and spiritual wellbeing. When talking about health in this holistic way, it’s really important to address self-love and self-care, too. If you don’t love yourself enough to take……

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Your body is a pathway to your emotions

This month in The Boho Loft, it’s all about health and wellbeing. I’ve teamed up with my dear friend and colleague Veronica Pacella – Holistic nutritionist, health and life coach – to address a number of aspects of health: mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and spiritual. Today, I want to talk about the body, and how……

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The power of “yes” in your life and business

I recently wrote about intuition and how to listen to it, especially when it’s saying “no”. Well, this post is about the power of “yes” and my way to balance the scales again. Because although saying “no” can be really powerful, I find that saying “yes” can be just as strong a tool, if not……

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How to boost your self-confidence to get what you really want

I believe that self-confidence is an inside job – and in The Boho Loft this month, that’s all we’re talking about. All around me, I see useful tips, articles, and theories about how changing something external about yourself can help you gain confidence and get you what you want: changing the way you dress, the……

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Is your money story holding you back?

Money is a subject that can be difficult for anyone, and not just multi-passionate, creative women. We’re all born into money stories, and along the way we create our own money stories, too. Our money stories are the things we tell ourselves about money – the beliefs we have about it that make us deal……

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10 happiness secrets of highly creative people

I find that there’s a lot to learn from the creatives and artists among us. And although it’s certainly true that the creative life is not always an easy life, because making a living can be hard, or staying true to your heart might not always be that easy, I find that living a creative……

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