5 Things That Made me Happy in May

This month was all about celebration, pleasure, and connection for me. I came to the end of some coaching series with incredible clients who knocked their goals out of the park, I celebrated my birthday with a weekend getaway at the Hyatt Regency of Thessaloniki in Greece, and thanks to my incredible friends and business besties I decided to pivot The Sisterhood Collective – my membership site – from an online women empowerment school into something much juicier, and bigger.…

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The Benefits of 90-Day Planning

Join expert Maria-Ines Fyenmayor, and myself for a mini-masterclass about The Benefits of 90-Day Planning. In this mini-masterclass we talk about: – what 90-day planning is – why it works so well – how to get started with your…


3 Mindset Shifts to be More Confident in Yourself

I have absolutely awesome clients. Not only do they achieve the most amazing things, they are my greatest teachers, offering me the most valuable lessons. Often those lessons come in the form of questions. Like the one I got…


An Introduction to Goddess Archetypes

Join expert Caroline Moye, and myself for a mini-masterclass about Goddess Archetypes. In this mini-masterclass we talk about: – what goddess archetypes are – what these archetypes can teach us – how to connect with them   More about…


10 Questions to Make Your Business Work For You

On Saturday I went shopping with a personal stylist to pick out the perfect outfit for the upcoming TEDx event I’ll be speaking at on Friday. And guess what? We found it! This woman is absolutely amazing, has an…


How to Overcome The Pain of Bad Decisions

During my monthly session with my spiritual mentor, I shared with her the excitement and fun I’ve been having from working on an upcoming talk I’m preparing for, but also the emotions this work has brought up by forcing…

Things That Made Me Happy In March

5 Things That Made me Happy in March

So often I’m asked how I live my life, run my businesses, and what I do to find happiness, and balance every day. Well… I do a lot of things. In the past seven years I’ve become really intentional…

Mini-Masterclass: Nurturing Your Relationship With Food

Nurturing Your Relationship With Food

Join expert Veronica Pacella, and myself for a mini-masterclass about Nurturing Your Relationship With Food. In this mini-masterclass we talk about: – why giving your body healthy food is an act of self-care – how to use food to…

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