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Dream Bigger Tip #15: Visualise Your Dreams

What we focus on becomes our reality. This basic and simple truth holds so much power, yet is it so often overlooked, dismissed, or not even known about. We’re taught so many things at school, but this absolute key piece of success isn’t one of them. Think about it. What are the things you think……

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Dream Bigger Tip #14: Write Down Your Dreams

Writing things down has many benefits. It helps to remember the important stuff, to clear our minds, even to feel and work through our emotions. When it comes to dreaming bigger, writing down your dreams is essential. Not only because of all the benefits stated above, but mostly because writing your dreams down will help……

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Dream Bigger Tip #13: Read Inspiring Biographies

One of the main issues that big dreamers encounter almost on a daily basis is the lack of big dreamers around them. A question I get asked often is how to dream bigger when everyone around you isn’t. It’s true that the path to bigger, better dreams is often paved with the advice of well-intentioned……

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How Liesbet Empowers Women Through Pole Dancing

I met Liesbet at an intimate women’s circle a few months ago. At the end of the gathering Liesbet guided us through a breathing and hip movement exercise. I remember being very tired that evening. After the exercise however I was somehow revived. My energy was back. My body felt softer, my mind was calmer.……

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