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Creativity as a spiritual practice

I believe that we are all creative beings, and I believe that women especially are constantly called upon to create, or to birth, so to speak. It’s in our DNA, it’s part of our nature, it’s one of those things that makes us human: our imagination and what we do with it. I also believe……

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10 happiness secrets of highly creative people

I find that there’s a lot to learn from the creatives and artists among us. And although it’s certainly true that the creative life is not always an easy life, because making a living can be hard, or staying true to your heart might not always be that easy, I find that living a creative……

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On the benefits of creativity

I create. In fact, if there’s one thing I’m sure of about myself it’s that I know how to make stuff. And get things done. There, I finally said it, out loud. It’s a big step for me, to say something like that. Believe me. Because for years, I thought I was anything but creative.……

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