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3 Inspiring Women Who Achieved Their Big Dreams

3 Inspiring Women Who Achieved Their Big Dreams

When I think of women with big, ambitious, crazy dreams they’ve achieved, I can’t overlook J.K. Rowling or Oprah Winfrey. Their stories inspire the world. J.K. Rowling said of the time when she wrote the first ‘Harry Potter’ book that she was as poor as someone could be in modern Britain without being homeless, her marriage had……

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5 Networking Tips For Women Who Dream Bigger

5 Networking Tips For Women Who Dream Big

Networking is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Many multi-passionate, creative women have a complicated relationship with networking. It’s true for me, but I know it’s true for many other women as well. Networking can feel really uncomfortable. To various degrees introverts, ambiverts, but even extroverts can struggle with it. Unfortunately, we can’t……

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3 Tips to get started with almost anything - immediately

3 Tips to Get Started With Almost Anything – Immediately

Last week on the blog I wrote about 5 ways multi-passionate, creative women such as yourself can declutter their minds for success. While the tips I mention in the post are pragmatic, and actionable, there is one thing that remains absolutely necessary in order to achieving anything – success included, and that’s to get started!……

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5 Easy Steps to Set Successful Goals for Yourself

Happy New Year! I absolutely love those three words, don’t you? They come bearing the gift of opportunity, and the promise of 365 days to create whatever your heart desires. A clean slate for you to play with, reinvent yourself, achieve your wildest dreams. I’ve always had big dreams, and goals but it’s only in……

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