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10 Questions to Make Your Business Work For You

On Saturday I went shopping with a personal stylist to pick out the perfect outfit for the upcoming TEDx event I’ll be speaking at on Friday. And guess what? We found it! This woman is absolutely amazing, has an eye for style unlike anyone else that I know. Needless to say I had a wonderful……

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5 Cool Ways to Manifest More Money in Your Life Right Now

5 Cool Ways to Manifest More Money in Your Life Right Now

I’m in the process of increasing the prices of my coaching packages so last week I was running a few numbers by my husband (hint: if you’ve been thinking about working with me, now might be the time to do so… prices go up at the end of the month!). The conversation went great, until……

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Is your money story holding you back?

Money is a subject that can be difficult for anyone, and not just multi-passionate, creative women. We’re all born into money stories, and along the way we create our own money stories, too. Our money stories are the things we tell ourselves about money – the beliefs we have about it that make us deal……

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Top 5 Money Tips for Creative Women

This month in The Loft it’s all about money: How to manage private and business finances How to learn to love money How to learn to love making money and asking for money How to love focusing on money Because money – despite everything that you might think of it – is neither good nor……

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