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Gratitude as a pathway to success

Very often, we turn to science for help when we want to achieve something. Or medicine, for that matter. Sometimes it seems there is a pill for everything, or when there isn’t, we wish there was. Many of us look outside of ourselves for things that will make us feel better, gain more self-esteem, sleep……

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How to make money with a do-good business

Doing good in the world is really important to me. And when I say doing good, I’m really talking about helping women to make a difference by creating art that lifts us up, to change their communities, to protect the environment and the planet, and to create businesses that are sustainable and that respect the……

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Your body is a pathway to your emotions

This month in The Boho Loft, it’s all about health and wellbeing. I’ve teamed up with my dear friend and colleague Veronica Pacella – Holistic nutritionist, health and life coach – to address a number of aspects of health: mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and spiritual. Today, I want to talk about the body, and how……

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