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Secret of successful people

Belief: the best kept secret of successful people

My husband and I launched a tech start-up about six months ago. This isn’t the first company that we’ve started together, and I don’t think it will be the last. Yet, and despite all the experience we already have (more than 30 years of business experience combined, oh dear!), this new project comes with its……

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The power of “yes” in your life and business

I recently wrote about intuition and how to listen to it, especially when it’s saying “no”. Well, this post is about the power of “yes” and my way to balance the scales again. Because although saying “no” can be really powerful, I find that saying “yes” can be just as strong a tool, if not……

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How to boost your self-confidence to get what you really want

I believe that self-confidence is an inside job – and in The Boho Loft this month, that’s all we’re talking about. All around me, I see useful tips, articles, and theories about how changing something external about yourself can help you gain confidence and get you what you want: changing the way you dress, the……

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What Would You do if You Weren't Afraid to Fail?

I’ve been spending a lot of time creating content for my popular Dream Bigger Goal Setting Program. While I was working on a unique daily planner yesterday (something special I’m putting together for the incredible humans enrolled in the program), I added a question in the introduction section of the planner that I love asking……

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The power of unlimited thinking

I love the word unlimited. It speaks to me; it talks to my soul. It makes me believe that I can be and do anything that I want, and that there are no limits to what it is I can achieve. And I honestly believe that. I believe it’s true. That there is nothing in……

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