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I’ve made it my mission to help multi-passionate, creative, and ambitious women overcome what’s stopping them from living a courageous, and joyful life. I do this through private coaching, as a writer and a speaker, but also via in-person groundbreaking workshops. In fact, they're one of my favorite things to do!

I’ve found that the transformation that can take place when women gather together to grow and change is incredible. Almost like magic.

In my workshops I use a mix of circle work with more traditional coaching techniques. This makes the workshops not only unique, but highly transformational.

Sisterhood Workshop


The Sisterhood Training is a women-only workshop and self-development program designed to help women nurture more positive, supportive, and authentic connections with each other.


The Sisterhood Workshop encourages women to redefine the relationship they have with other women by encompassing themes of collaboration, connection, and love. Incorporating elements from science, history, self-development, spirituality, and even business participants explore the beliefs they have about womanhood, their fears and prejudices against women, as well as the role that society plays in the way their relationships with other women are shaped.

Through the workshops, participants learn to connect with women differently, in a way that is more collaborative, and supportive. This in turn helps them to gain more awareness and self-confidence when surrounded by other women, to be more inspired to help and support women, and to seek out sisterhood when taking on powerful leadership roles in their lives, and careers.


The Sisterhood Workshop is perfect for:

  • Corporations looking to empower their female employees into creating better teams, and more collaborative work environments
  • Organizations and companies who want to harness the power of sisterhood to create healthier work environments, increase employee commitment, and produce better results
  • Groups offering personal and professional development for women
  • Anyone who feels that women could gain from relating to each other more lovingly, and collaboratively

Interested in hosting a Sisterhood Workshop?


If you’re inspired to host a Sisterhood Workshop I’d love for you to get in touch with me using the form below. The workshop can be tailored to your needs, and to fit your audience.


The Feel The Fear Training


The Feel The Fear Training is a women-only workshop and self-development program designed to help women master their fears, and learn to embrace uncertainty


Fear is a natural and inevitable part of life. We cannot avoid fear - it can affect any aspect of our lives, sometimes in unexpected ways. Though fear cannot be avoided, with help, we can learn to deal with our fears effectively and move to our higher self. We can master our fears and learn to embrace uncertainty, or even make it an ally.

I know, because I’ve been there. And that’s why I became a Licenced Feel the Fear trainer.
Much-loved author and leading self-help authority Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. first captured the world's heart over twenty five years ago with her acclaimed book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®. Susan is best known for her teachings on overcoming fear, healing relationships, and moving forward in life with a sense of confidence and love. Her work has been translated into over 37 languages with multiple bestsellers and total sales in the millions. A renowned workshop leader and celebrated speaker, Susan has taught Feel the Fear courses and workshops in many countries around the world to small groups and audiences of thousands. The overwhelming demand for workshops prompted her to start licensing qualified trainers to teach workshops in order to touch as many lives as possible.

Remaining consistent with the concepts of her work, as a trainer I am committed professionally to teaching her work in a life-affirming, spiritual and joyous manner in accordance with her trademark attitude to life.


The Feel the Fear Workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking for an effective way to overcome your fears
  • You want to break free of anxiety and worry
  • You have big dreams but lack the confidence to pursue them
  • You are ready to live life on your own terms
  • You want to be seen and share your message


Interested in attending a Feel the Fear Workshop?

If you’re ready to change your relationship with fear, I invite you to sign up for one of my upcoming workshops. I host Feel the Fear Workshops in Belgium, France, and Bulgaria. If you want to be kept up to date about upcoming workshops, use the form below to sign-up for email updates.

Upcoming Feel the Fear Workshops:

  • Bulgaria: February 2018
  • Belgium: May 2018
  • France: September 2018

Price per participant: €99 (ex. VAT where applicable)

Use the form below to to be notified of upcoming workshops.

When I started working with Murielle I really needed to find my voice when it came to my business and get clear about the services I wanted to offer. By the end of our first session I was clear on the goals I wanted to work on. I had a roadmap to achieve them. The biggest change in myself and my business is that I know I’m on the right track. Thank you for being such a great cheerleader and supporting me through the early stages of my journey. It really meant a lot to me.

Dawn Priestley
Career Clarity Coach -

Dawn Priestley Testimonial
Kristien N Testimonial

Working with Murielle has been life changing for me. I was stuck in a rut and knew Murielle had successfully helped my sister. I was inspired by Murielle’s multi-passionate approach to career coaching, and to know things would be viewed from a different (empowering) perspective. With the constant support and acknowledgement of Murielle I was able to move at a much faster pace, and to move towards what I truly wanted when she helped me realise my real dreams lay somewhere else entirely than what society wanted me to believe.

Kristien N
Horse Trainer & Trail Guide - Case Study

When Murielle heard some of my dreams and said, “Why shouldn’t you do those things? You can, you know.” without making me feel crazy for wanting such big things, I knew I wanted her as my coach. Working with her was supportive, nourishing, and clarifying. And although I felt pretty honest with myself before, I feel even stronger in my honesty now. I can still get confused. I can still feel like I hit speed bumps. But I really trust my inner voice.

Lena Gilbert
Multi-passionate performer, choreographer, coach

Lena Gilbert Testimonial
Gabi Carpenter Testimonial

Coaching with Murielle was a fantastic experience. I was a bit stuck after leaving my 9 to 5 job, trying to start my own business and struggling to find clients and stick to my personal goals. When we first connected I knew I had found someone I could trust and that could honestly help me achieve my goals. Now I feel ready when an opportunity presents itself. Following your advice I have a clearer plan that helps me with clients, and to make marketing or business decisions. I run my business in a much more conscious way, and not with the constant anxiety that comes from not feeling or being ready.

Gabi Carpenter
Filmmaker & Producer -

Murielle helped me to find the confidence in myself and put my business out into the world. Working with her was inspiring, powerful, and empowering. People have noticed my business and are inspired by what I’m doing. Thank you Murielle. I absolutely enjoyed working and learning from you!

Bailey Opsal
Life Coach -

Bailey Opsal Testimonial
Melissa Panero Testimonial

Murielle’s presence and light where what made me choose her as my coach. When I reached out to her I was trying to improve the relationship with my partner, launch my website, grow my business and create sustainable strategies. An empowering takeaway from me is that I realised that things are not as hard and scary as they look from the outside. The biggest change I see is more awareness in any area of my life. With Murielle’s support I feel more connected to myself, my body, my soul, my partner and my business.

Melissa Panero
Life Coach -

I reached out to Murielle shortly after I’d met her in person to help me launch my coaching business. The work we did together was in depth. It provided me with emotional release, and renewed energy. With her support I started to put myself first in my life. I’m also much more gentle with myself now, and I have more appreciation for the things I’ve already accomplished.

Kerstin Ackerhans
Life Coach

Kerstin Ackerhans Testimonial
Kristina Eisenhower Testimonial

After working with Murielle I feel so much more confident, carefree and colorful! I still have moments of hesitation, but I have the mindset, power and courage now to go ahead and step “out there”… to say what I want and need to say, and to take action in order to make shit (things) happen! It has brought me many new ideas, sooooo much learning and application of that learning, and I feel an overall sense of pride in my accomplishments.

Kristina Eisenhower
Creative Change Coach -

It was difficult for me to come up with the right words to set new goals for myself. All I had were feelings and some of them were painful, so it was hard to focus on my future instead of the past. Murielle helped me to finally put what I wanted into words, in such a powerful and motivational way that it helped me remember them often and find ideas, and possibilities to make them happen, wherever I was and whatever I was doing. Thanks to the work I’ve done with Murielle I’m more confident. My friends and family believe it’s because I became a coach, but it is a combination between becoming a coach and creating a feeling of “believing I am a coach”, and the last part was definitely something we worked together in our coaching series.

Carolina Mera
Life Coach - Founder of Mom Reinvented

Carolina Mera Testimonial
Michelle Baun

When I moved to a new country where I didn’t know anyone, nor spoke the language, Murielle’s coaching was exactly what I needed. Struggling with what to do with my life, she helped me understand which direction I should be going in, and how to handle everything I was feeling at that time. Her insights on the struggles of multi-passionate women really spoke to me. Murielle helped me become more self aware while at the same time shaping my life goals. More importantly, she guided me on how to actually do (not just think about) all the creative things I’ve always wanted to do. This has helped me become better, trust myself more, and stand up for ‘what I am worth’.

Michelle Baun

The first thing I felt when talking with Murielle was a boost in confidence. Murielle trusted me from the very beginning. And, as an immediate result, I could see that confidence in myself. It’s been only one of many positive feelings from knowing her. Murielle is a gifted woman full of talents and interests.

Veronica Pacella
Holistic Nutritionist & Life Coach

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Veronica Pacella
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Suryani Six

I have been given a concrete roadmap that I could take away and apply immediately. I can honestly say I’ve seen marketing, customer loyalty, and online business in a completely new light. I am implementing the plan and already seeing traction. Importantly, thanks to Murielle, I finally feel absolutely confident that I can achieve a huge success in my business.

Suryani Six
Personal Stylist & Jewelry Maker

After the first session, I began to rediscover my bravery. I no longer accepted less than what I deserved. I finally stood up for myself and decided that I would not work more for less, in fact, I needed less work for more money! Murielle’s advice “Don’t work hard, work SMART”, has become my motto.

Slavina Stoyanova
Project Coordinator

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Slavina Stoyanova
Murielle Marie Client Testimonial Cara Chace

Although I feel like I could have chatted with Murielle for hours, I felt we really addressed the core aspects of what I was anxious and unsure of around my business. Murielle addressed each issue thoroughly, with a kindness and care that left me feeling relieved and clear.

Cara Chase
Social Media Strategist

Meeting Murielle was a defining moment in my professional development, which convinced me in my ability to fully transition to a freelance career. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to benefit from Murielle’s teachings, wisdom and contagious enthusiasm in my life. She’s a natural leader, transforming lives not only through her coaching and programs, but through her powerful presence which inspires everyone around her.

Ewa Lewandowska
Founder - The Woman Ecopreneur Project

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Ewa Lewandowska
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Pat Romain

Murielle has been a silent power behind everything I’ve been doing for the last 6 months. She has helped me with practical ways of putting myself first on my to-do list. Through her coaching I’ve learned that if I am called to serve BIG I have to nourish myself and have a real loving relationship with myself in order to support my own clients and my family.

Pat Romain
Life & Leadership Coach

It was as if she transformed the chaos in my head into a workable plan. From feeling lost, to not only be enthusiastic about the project, but actually having a very clear path as well – Murielle Marie listened and encouraged me to overcome the issues I was feeling uncertain about. What an effective session! Thanks a lot!

Kirsten R.

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Kirsten R.
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Stephanie Mertens

Through the work I’ve done with Murielle, I became aware that I deserve better, that I have to listen to myself more, that I have to believe in myself, and that “yes” I can do this! So I’m working on my own project idea, and I’m letting it grow together with me. I don’t know where it will take me, but I’m really enjoying the journey. And I’m so much happier for it. It’s been such an amazing journey.

Stéphanie Mertens
Bachelor in Pharmacy and Biology

Murielle is the most wonderfully vibrant and warm person. Having been on her own journey of self discovery and self love, she knows the path she preaches as she has walked it. She is a brilliant business woman who brings deep reflection, care and love to all she does. She is truly passionate about empowering other women to know and love themselves. If this is something you’re craving, you will do amazing things with Murielle alongside you.

Kate McCready
Holistic Business & Career Coach

Murielle Marie Client Testimonial Kate McCready
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Adina Pease

After we connected, a personal tragedy forced me to redefine my path and focus and I needed assistance. Our first session was so cathartic! That kind of open true support is very hard to find in people and Murielle has such a gift for it! Thanks to the newfound ability to focus and quit “sweating the small stuff”, I confidently achieved my goals by the end of our sessions.

Adina Pease

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