3 Things That Made me Happy in April

Last month has been one of personal growth, connection, and creative discovery. Throughout April I challenged myself to think new thoughts...

3 Things That Made Me Happy In April Murielle Marie

Last month has been one of personal growth, connection, and creative discovery. Throughout April I challenged myself to think new thoughts and do new things, to meet new people, and to go in search of new opportunities for myself, and my business. By far the best month of the year so far.

I’m learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Stretching myself further than ever before outside my comfort zone. As a result, I’m getting to know myself so much better. I’m more focused, dedicated, sure of my thing. It’s an incredible feeling of empowerment. Still elusive, but I’m definitely on to something.

What I’ve come to believe is that we can’t get where we want to go on our own, or just by thinking about it. We need to do things. Feel things. Create new neural connections in our brain so that we can see new opportunities, come to new conclusions.

Believe our dreams are possible, and that we’re not crazy for having them.

Led by my word of the year – freedom – I’m trying out new things, connecting with inspiring people, learning new skills. I’m a true multi-passionate that way. And this month I realized how important it is to have these outlets. Without them, my life simply doesn’t feel complete. Here are three of the things that lit the spark for me this month.

#1 Improv theatre

I had the first three classes of an eight-part improv theatre course I signed up for at the beginning of the year. As I wrote in my latest newsletter, going into the first class I felt scared, stressed, overwhelmed. Improv is something I’ve been wanting to try for years, always telling myself “I could never do it”. So I never did. Every time I thought about enrolling in a course I let fear rule over curiosity, play, and creativity. Until now.

I had my third improv class last Sunday. A juicy one all about emotions. Our teacher started with an exercise where we had to practice showing the four basic emotions of human beings (apparently also the four most common emotions portrayed in theater and film): fear, anger, happiness, and sadness.

It was an intense, and intensive session that ended with me and two fellow improv students standing in front of the class in an imaginary ice cream store. My role was to be a customer with quickly changing emotions: sadness, anger, excitement, inner peace, and more facing an ice cream store employee with equally changing emotions: fear, arrogance, irritation, low self-esteem, and so on.

Everyone was pushed far out of their comfort zones, including me.

The incredible thing about stretching yourself that way is that it ripples into everything you do. It creates space, leaves you wanting more of it. Walking back from that third class I wondered what I’d been scared of all this time, and what I could do next to experience such a liberating feeling of joy, and freedom. (to be continued)

#2 Orgasm salon

Earlier this year I signed up for a four-part intimate women circle series about the female orgasm. This “orgasm salon”, led by Liesbet Deleersnijder, founder of HIPS and Ann Cuyvers, author of 12 Orgasmes, erotic counselor en founder of the Erotische verbeelding, is a gentle, inspiring, creative nudge to explore our female bodies and the pleasure they can offer us.

In April I attended the third circle. Ann opened the circle by sharing a YouTube video from ADAM with us, a Dutch pop band, in which the members of the band appear to climax while singing a song.

You can watch the video below – it’s so weird and fun at the same time that I simply had to share it!

#3 Bosses in Europe mini-retreat

Last week 15 female entrepreneurs came together for the second edition of Maggie Giele’s already famous mini-retreats. I’d offered Maggie to host the mastermind in my new apartment in Antwerp, so everyone gathered in my living room for two incredible days of connection, inspiration, personal and business growth.

One of the highlights of the mini-retreat were the hot seats. We each got a chance to share a challenge, and receive feedback from the group. It’s incredible what can happen when you put 15 clever heads, and hearts together.


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