How I Grew my Coaching Business… (Three Main Tips Inside)

Last week as I was tidying up my office I stumbled upon the journal I’d kept while I was studying at...

Last week as I was tidying up my office I stumbled upon the journal I’d kept while I was studying at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a life coach. Totally against Marie Kondo’s rules (as she so inspiringly explains in her book), when I had the notebook in my hands… well I opened it!

In it I found a record of my thoughts, deepest desires, and dreams for a future I was imagining for myself as a coach. As I read through my notes I realized that my dreams, and goals had turned into reality…

Little did I know that the welcome message I received upon sign up for the course would be so prophetic.

BYCA coaching sign-up email

The email I received on February 11th, 2015


As I read the words “You are undertaking an amazing journey of personal and professional discovery with a new business as a life coach awaiting you.” I could only dream of that business, but exactly two years later my life now looks exactly like that!

Here’s a list of wishes I found in my notebook. It’s entitled “the vision for my coaching business”, and it reads:

  • A business that I can live from comfortably,
  • a busy coaching schedule,
  • inspiring, and passionate ideal clients,
  • the ability to work from anywhere, at my own pace,
  • powerful connections,
  • create a network for women that celebrates sisterhood,
  • time for joy, pleasure, play,
  • express myself fully, and authentically,
  • make a difference.

I feel I’ve achieved absolutely everything on that list, and it all started with me giving myself permission to want what I wanted. Yes, I know, it sounds like a trivial little thing, but it is so powerful.

BYCA Inspiration Day - Julie Parker

Julie Parker – Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and myself during the BYCA inspiration day in New York City (2015)


So today I’m writing these words with the knowledge that you’re working hard to make your vision come to life. That’s why I’m going to share with you the main three things I did in the past two years to grow my coaching business:

#1 I created a vision for my business

One of the first things I did when I started my coaching business was to put a vision board together on Pinterest. It was an action that my business coach had offered me to take on, and I’m still so grateful for her having me do this! I entitled the board “My business vision”, and starting putting everything on it that I liked, and wanted for my business.

Before that I’d never considered how powerful creating a vision for your business could be, but after experiencing the magic that it did for my business, I recommend it to almost all my clients!

Because thanks to that board – that I still use today by the way – I was able to become very clear on:

  • The clients I wanted to serve
  • The services I wanted to offer
  • The values I wanted my work to uphold
  • And the lifestyle I wanted to go along with my business

Having clarity on such important parts of my business made it possible for me to stay on track more easily, and to stay away from what would not serve my business, or me.

A few glimpses of my business vision board…

#2 I learned to love the sound of crickets

When a wonderful emerging coach or online entrepreneur starts a business mentoring series with me, her number one concern often is this: she’s putting her business out there, doing everything the marketing gurus are telling her to do but still the only thing she hears is the sound of crickets. A lot of crickets.

My reply to this is: I know. I heard the crickets too! Believe me, I’ve been there. For a long time… and I’ve come to believe that it’s a normal part of building a business.

You’re in control of the actions that you take, but not of when it will be time to harvest the results of all that hard work. And waiting for that time can be a really painful thing to do. But it is absolutely essential if success is what you’re after (as I know you are!). So learn to love the sound of crickets, and keep at it.

Because if you do, you’ll get there. It’s only a matter of time. That I know for sure.

#3 I became comfortable with being visible, and sharing my message

My third, and last last tip is the one I had to work on the most for myself. Being visible didn’t come naturally to me at all, and it’s something I still struggle with sometimes. But more than that I had to understand what it meant to share my message consistently… something that I believe is at the heart of any business.

In this context being visible, and sharing your message can be summarized in just one word: repetition.

So often my clients tell me how they’ve “posted a message about their services” or “told someone about their business” but got no response, and got discouraged. I used to make the same mistake. I would post something on Facebook, then expect everyone – and I mean everyone – to read it, and come running to me to be my client.

Did not happen. Ever. Why? Because buying is a complex process, dependent on trust, partly subconscious. A buyer doesn’t get there by seeing a message once, science has proven that repetition is key when you want to get your point – and services – across. Why else would we see the same commercials over, and over again? Surely there must be a reason why ad buyers are ready to pay millions to get their message repeatedly in front of audiences, don’t you think?

So my final tip is to stop being afraid of repeating yourself, and learn to do it diligently.

I know it’s difficult. In life we’re told not to tell our friends the same thing twice, and if we do repeat ourselves we don’t only frustrate our speaking partner, but our cognitive skills are sometimes even questioned!

In business things are totally different. You’re not in a face-to-face conversation with someone when you’re marketing your services to the masses, so you shouldn’t follow the same rules. Don’t be afraid to repeat your message over, and over, and over again (in a clever way though – don’t just copy/paste into infinity). That’s how you’ll eventually attract the attention of your ideal client.

If you’ve been thinking about moving forward with a life coaching, or business mentoring series with me… well now is the time to do so! Sign up for a free session with me today. I can’t wait to meet you x

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