Dream Bigger Tip #18: Start Now

“It’s only too late if you don’t start now”. Wise words that I love and cherish, spoken by my idol Barbara...

Dream Bigger Tip #18: Start Now Murielle Marie

“It’s only too late if you don’t start now”. Wise words that I love and cherish, spoken by my idol Barbara Sher, grandmother to all scanners as she calls them us: the multi-passionate creatives, creative generalists, multipotentialites…

For us especially, but for anyone else with big ideas and goals too, making sure we get to live our dreams – passions, interests – is absolutely necessary for our happiness – and sanity.

I’ve touched on the importance of having a plan before. Because, yes, a dream that isn’t planned out is nothing more than a wish. The same goes for today’s tip. As long as you don’t *start* to do something to achieve your dream, you’re stuck in the ideas realm. That’s why – once you’ve set your mind to accomplish a goal – you must start immediately. And I mean that LITERALLY – as in now.

I’ve found that the quicker you set out to do something – anything – to work towards a particular goal, the easier it becomes to anchor that goal into your life, and to turn taking action on it into a habit.

And that’s precisely what we want.

The achievement of a goal is the compounded effect of (sometimes very small) actions taken over (sometimes very long periods of) time. The actions might differ greatly depending on the dream you’re trying to achieve. But the dreams all share at least one thing: to get to the finish line you need to get started. This single action might *go without saying* but it’s the biggest dream killer I know, and probably one of the most important actions you can take in trying to achieve your goals.

That’s why – to dream bigger – you need to start now.

From my own experience, and from working with so many clients on figuring out the way to their dreams, I know how dangerous failing to start can be for your dreams. For years I kept *thinking* about all the things I wanted to do: play piano, write, draw, create new projects and businesses, make things… Guess how many dreams came true during that time? A grand total of ZERO.

It’s only when I decided to do something with those dreams that my life took on a completely different shape. My biggest regret? Not to have done it sooner.

Does this mean you have to hurry to achieve your goals? Nope. Not at all. In fact, I’m a strong advocate of taking things slowly. But failing to start is not the same as taking your time to accomplish something. Not taking that first step means not doing anything at all. And that, as I hope you got by now, will get you nowhere.

How to start now?

  • Pick an action you can get started with immediately

All dreams have actions that require nothing more than for you to do them. If not, we would never be able to achieve anything because we would never be able to get started. For most dreams there’s some research you can do, or someone to talk to who knows more about what you want to achieve than you. Perhaps it’s a book you could read, or something to buy or put together. Whatever it is, there’s ALWAYS something you can start with immediately.

  • Do it now

Texting someone or doing a quick search online will take no more than a few minutes, so there’s really never an excuse not to do it. Think about your goal and come up with one thing that you can start with immediately. Once you know what it is, do it. Now.

  • Schedule your next work session in your calendar

After you’re done with the previous step you can – of course – continue with the next action. If you’re like me you’ll probably be enjoying ticking off some of those todos from your list, so please feel free to do so for as long as you like! Whether you keep going or not, however, make sure to schedule your next work session in your calendar. This will make sure that you continue to work towards your goal, and keep taking action.

Pretty easy, right? So many of us think of dreams as daunting mountains that we’ll never be able to climb when the only thing we *really* need to do is to take that first step. Then another. And another.


If you want more Dream Bigger Tips, I’ve got great news for you! This tip is part of a series, you can find all entries here.

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