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Get Unstuck Coaching Session Murielle Marie

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  • Transition from an unfulfilling job into a soulful, inspiring career.
  • Figure out what you really want, and what you're meant to do.
  • Gain greater confidence so you can finally go after your dreams.
  • Do something that matters and make a difference in the world.
  • Identify your core talents and passions so you can find your sweet spot.
  • Learn strategies to ask for what you want and what you're worth.
  • Build a career and life aligned with your values.
  • Beat stress, overwhelm or procrastination to create with flow, soul and ease.
  • Get unstuck - whatever you're struggling with.

If any of this applies to you, the Get Unstuck Package is for you:


  • Initial coaching questionnaire
  • 1 x 75-minute session (online)
  • Unique and proven coaching methodology and framework
  • Additional resources (as needed)
  • Two weeks of email support after the session
  • 30-minute check-in call to wrap things up + celebrate!


Your investment: €225

With the support of Murielle I was able to give myself permission to be a multi-talented creative without all the guilt that I usually faced. When we connected I was working on building a business, and exploring my creative side. Our first session was amazing! Murielle seemed to understand me and was excited about helping me explore my creative side. The biggest change has been understanding how I’m wired. This allowed me to become more productive personally and in my business.

Ruth L. Snyder

Ruth Snyder testimonial Murielle Marie
Caroline Moye testimonials Murielle Marie

Murielle helped me build my confidence and a way to look at myself differently. When we met, I was struggling with being visible and taking action. Throughout our sessions I felt seen and embraced in my own light, knowing that someone was deeply trusting me. Thanks to Murielle I feel a deep relief, connection and gentleness, a sense of evidence, that things are improving and will keep getting better for me.

Caroline Moye

Kindness, empathy, and humour are Murielle’s key strengths. When I started working with her I was burned out, and low in confidence. I wanted to start my own business but needed some support and accountability to achieve it. Murielle not only helped me to create and launch an online magazine, but to do so feeling empowered, more balanced and with more self-compassion.

Deirdre Coleman

Deirdre Coleman testimonial Murielle Marie
Maja Savic testimonial Murielle Marie

Murielle gave me the support I needed to start my business. I loved that she never pushed me, and gave me clarity and focus on what to do next. Friends have told me I’m more visible and confident now. Thanks to our work together, I now set clear boundaries with my clients (and in life), I give myself permission to take a break, and also I organize my time better. In true Soulful Productivity™ spirit, I enjoy less multitasking and more solo-tasking!

Maja Savic

When I started working with Murielle I wasn’t sure where to focus. I had lots of ideas, but no clear direction, and I felt overwhelmed. It was such a relief that Murielle didn’t ask my multi-passionate brain to “pick one thing”, but instead helped me embrace many goals and find ways to do many things I love. Coaching with Murielle felt empowering and energizing. I was able to take more creative action than I ever did before!

Sandra Wald

Sandra Wald Testimonial Murielle Marie
Ruslana Regi Testimonial Murielle Marie

Murielle’s Retreat was a beautiful experience where I learned to trust myself more, and discovered the power of being supported by others. Everything about it was perfect.

Ruslana Regi

I started working with Murielle when I was in the process of setting up my own coaching business. The experience was inspiring and enjoyable, and exactly what I needed at that time. It helped me to stay focused and on top of my goals.

Mathilde Seisen

Mathilde Seisen Testimonial Murielle Marie
Cloé Bertrand Testimonial Murielle Marie

When Murielle and I connected, I felt stuck in trying to build a sustainable business. Thanks to her amazing support I was able to take more inspired action and move forward in my life. Coaching taught me it’s all UP to me. I am the owner of my life. As a result, I am more alive, and feel empowered.

Cloé Bertrand

Now I feel more confident that I can reach the goals I’ve set for myself; I don’t doubt my capacity for achieving them anymore and I surround myself with the right people to do so. I’ve also accepted that my creativity is part of me, it makes me who I am, and I don’t need anyone’s approval to use it and live by it. It was truly an eye-opening and empowering experience. Thank you Murielle. I love your knowledge-sharing attitude. And everything you do during the coaching sessions, you do with love, enlightenment, and professionalism.

Salima Tiamani

Salima Tiamani Testimonial Murielle Marie
Giulia Porro Testimonial Murielle Marie

When I reached out to Murielle I was looking for new and effective ways to promote my business after a few months of inactivity. Through the safe and encouraging space she created I realized the things I had in mind were feasible. I’m now more open to see different kinds of business opportunities; and feel more confident promoting my work.

Giulia Porro

I felt ready to build my own business, be my own leader, send positive energy into the universe. But I had no idea how I would even get started. Meeting Murielle I believed she could support me and my dreams. She understood what I was going through, my anxiety, loneliness and eagerness to live abroad. Coaching was deeply empowering. It helped me gain motivation, self confidence and trust in myself.

Sara Verhelst

Sara Verhelst Testimonial Murielle Marie

Coaching with Murielle was insightful, to the point, and efficient. I’m grateful for her valuable business insights. I have been doing a lot of inner work since, which I believe has created a shift in how I approach work and the notion of success. However Murielle’s belief in me and her continued support from afar were very helpful!

Lavinia Brown

Working with Murielle was nurturing, illuminating and reaffirming. When we first connected, I wanted to get clarity about my purpose and confidence to pursue it. I was able to trust Murielle because of how genuine, honest and really positive she is. I have become more aware of some of my self defeating habits and thought patterns and I have a more “just do it” attitude, whether I truly feel confident or not.

Shola Adisa-Farrar

Marie-France Samba Coaching Testimonial Murielle Marie

When we connected I was launching my coaching career and needed to have clarity on my coaching niche and vision. Through the work we did together I realized that more is less. I quit overthinking, and favored done over perfection. It also helped me get clear on the people I want to work with. Coaching with Murielle was a lovely and supportive experience.

Marie-France Samba

When I started working with Murielle I felt stuck, needed a change and finally realize some goals. This experience was challenging, empowering, and exciting. My biggest takeaway from coaching is that the answers are actually inside of myself. Now everything feels more feasible and I feel more worthy of going after the things I thought might never be for me.

Fabienne Z

Fabienne Z testimonial
Dawn Priestley Testimonial

When I started working with Murielle I really needed to find my voice when it came to my business and get clear about the services I wanted to offer. By the end of our first session I was clear on the goals I wanted to work on. I had a roadmap to achieve them. The biggest change in myself and my business is that I know I’m on the right track. Thank you for being such a great cheerleader and supporting me through the early stages of my journey. It really meant a lot to me.

Dawn Priestley

Working with Murielle has been life changing for me. I was stuck in a rut and knew Murielle had successfully helped my sister. I was inspired by Murielle’s multi-passionate approach to career coaching, and to know things would be viewed from a different (empowering) perspective. With the constant support and acknowledgement of Murielle I was able to move at a much faster pace, and to move towards what I truly wanted when she helped me realise my real dreams lay somewhere else entirely than what society wanted me to believe.

Kristien N

Kristien N Testimonial
Lena Gilbert Testimonial

When Murielle heard some of my dreams and said, “Why shouldn’t you do those things? You can, you know.” without making me feel crazy for wanting such big things, I knew I wanted her as my coach. Working with her was supportive, nourishing, and clarifying. And although I felt pretty honest with myself before, I feel even stronger in my honesty now. I can still get confused. I can still feel like I hit speed bumps. But I really trust my inner voice.

Lena Gilbert

Coaching with Murielle was a fantastic experience. I was a bit stuck after leaving my 9 to 5 job, trying to start my own business and struggling to find clients and stick to my personal goals. When we first connected I knew I had found someone I could trust and that could honestly help me achieve my goals. Now I feel ready when an opportunity presents itself. Following your advice I have a clearer plan that helps me with clients, and to make marketing or business decisions. I run my business in a much more conscious way, and not with the constant anxiety that comes from not feeling or being ready.

Gabi Carpenter

Gabi Carpenter Testimonial
Bailey Opsal Testimonial

Murielle helped me to find the confidence in myself and put my business out into the world. Working with her was inspiring, powerful, and empowering. People have noticed my business and are inspired by what I’m doing. Thank you Murielle. I absolutely enjoyed working and learning from you!

Bailey Opsal

Murielle’s presence and light where what made me choose her as my coach. When I reached out to her I was trying to improve the relationship with my partner, launch my website, grow my business and create sustainable strategies. An empowering takeaway from me is that I realised that things are not as hard and scary as they look from the outside. The biggest change I see is more awareness in any area of my life. With Murielle’s support I feel more connected to myself, my body, my soul, my partner and my business.

Melissa Panero

Melissa Panero Testimonial
Kerstin Ackerhans Testimonial

I reached out to Murielle shortly after I’d met her in person to help me launch my coaching business. The work we did together was in depth. It provided me with emotional release, and renewed energy. With her support I started to put myself first in my life. I’m also much more gentle with myself now, and I have more appreciation for the things I’ve already accomplished.

Kerstin Ackerhans

After working with Murielle I feel so much more confident, carefree and colorful! I still have moments of hesitation, but I have the mindset, power and courage now to go ahead and step “out there”… to say what I want and need to say, and to take action in order to make shit (things) happen! It has brought me many new ideas, sooooo much learning and application of that learning, and I feel an overall sense of pride in my accomplishments.

Kristina Eisenhower

Kristina Eisenhower Testimonial
Carolina Mera Testimonial

It was difficult for me to come up with the right words to set new goals for myself. All I had were feelings and some of them were painful, so it was hard to focus on my future instead of the past. Murielle helped me to finally put what I wanted into words, in such a powerful and motivational way that it helped me remember them often and find ideas, and possibilities to make them happen, wherever I was and whatever I was doing. Thanks to the work I’ve done with Murielle I’m more confident. My friends and family believe it’s because I became a coach, but it is a combination between becoming a coach and creating a feeling of “believing I am a coach”, and the last part was definitely something we worked together in our coaching series.

Carolina Mera

When I moved to a new country where I didn’t know anyone, nor spoke the language, Murielle’s coaching was exactly what I needed. Struggling with what to do with my life, she helped me understand which direction I should be going in, and how to handle everything I was feeling at that time. Her insights on the struggles of multi-passionate women really spoke to me. Murielle helped me become more self aware while at the same time shaping my life goals. More importantly, she guided me on how to actually do (not just think about) all the creative things I’ve always wanted to do. This has helped me become better, trust myself more, and stand up for ‘what I am worth’.

Michelle Baun

Michelle Baun

La première chose que j’ai ressentie en discutant avec Murielle a été un regain de confiance en moi. Murielle m’a fait confiance dès le début. Et, immédiatement, j’ai eu davantage confiance en moi. Ce n’est là qu’un des nombreux sentiments positifs que j’éprouve depuis que je la connais. Murielle est une femme douée, pleine de talents et d’intérêts.

Veronica Pacella

J’ai obtenu une feuille de route concrète que je pouvais utiliser et appliquer immédiatement. Je peux honnêtement dire que je vois le marketing, la fidélisation des clients, et le commerce en ligne d’un autre œil. Je mets en œuvre le plan, et les résultats sont déjà visibles. Surtout, grâce à Murielle, j’ai enfin retrouvé confiance en mes capacités à réussir dans mon entreprise.

Suryani Six

Au terme de la première séance, j’ai commencé à reprendre courage. Je n’accepterais plus moins que ce que je méritais. J’ai enfin fait valoir mes idées et j’ai décidé que je ne travaillerais pas davantage pour moins ; en fait, il me fallait travailler moins pour plus d’argent ! Le conseil de Murielle « Ne travaillez pas dur, mais travaillez intelligemment », est devenu ma devise.

Slavina Stoyanova

Au-delà de cette impression que Murielle et moi aurions pu discuter pendant des heures, j’ai vraiment eu le sentiment que nous avons traité les principaux aspects de ce qui causait mon anxiété et mes doutes relatifs à mon entreprise. Murielle traite de chaque problème en détail, avec une gentillesse et un soin qui m’ont procuré un sentiment de clarté et de soulagement.

Cara Chase

Ma rencontre avec Murielle a été l’un des moments clés de mon développement professionnel, et elle a permis de me convaincre de ma capacité à effectuer la transition vers une carrière en freelance. Je considère l’opportunité d’avoir pu bénéficier des enseignements de Murielle, de sa sagesse et de son enthousiasme contagieux, comme une chance immense. Elle est une leader naturelle, transformant des vies non seulement par le biais de son coaching et de ses programmes, mais aussi grâce à sa  forte présence qui inspire tous ceux qu’elle côtoie.

Ewa Lewandowska

Murielle a été la force silencieuse derrière tout ce que j’ai pu accomplir au cours des 6 derniers mois. Elle m’a aidé de façon pratique, à me faire passer en premier, sur ma liste de choses à faire. Grâce à son coaching, j’ai appris que si je suis appelé à servir GRANDEMENT, il me faut m’entretenir, m’aimer vraiment, afin de pouvoir aider mes clients et ma famille.

Pat Romain

C’est comme si elle avait transformée le chaos qui régnait dans mon esprit en un plan réalisable. J’étais perdue, et non seulement je suis devenue enthousiaste à propos de mon projet, mais j’ai aussi identifié un cheminement très clair. Murielle Marie m’a écouté et encouragé à surmonter les difficultés à propos desquelles j’avais des doutes. Ce fut une séance vraiment efficace ! Merci infiniment !

Kirsten R.

Grâce au travail réalisé avec Murielle, j’ai pris conscience que je méritais mieux, que je dois m’écouter plus souvent, que je dois croire en moi, et que « oui », je peux ! Alors je travaille sur ma propre idée de projet, que je laisse progresser en même temps que moi. Je ne sais pas où cela me mènera, mais je profite vraiment de cette aventure. Et j’en suis tellement plus heureuse.  Cette aventure a été extraordinaire jusqu’ici.

Stéphanie Mertens

Murielle est l’une des personnes les plus merveilleusement chaleureuse et dynamique qui soit. Ayant elle-même vécu sa propre aventure sur le chemin de l’auto-découverte et de l’amour de soi, elle connaît le cheminement qu’elle préconise, l’ayant parcouru. C’est une brillante femme d’affaires qui fait tout ce qu’elle entreprend de manière réfléchie, avec amour et soin. Responsabiliser d’autres femmes, pour qu’elles apprennent à se connaître et à s’aimer, est sa véritable passion. Si vous en avez envie, vous accomplirez de merveilleuses choses avec Murielle à vos côtés.

Kate McCready

Après notre prise de contact, un drame personnel m’a forcé à redéfinir ma trajectoire et mes priorités, et j’avais besoin d’aide. Notre première séance ensemble a été tellement cathartique ! Ce type d’aide, franche et honnête, est extrêmement difficile à trouver et Murielle possède vraiment un don en la matière ! Merci pour cette faculté retrouvée de me concentrer et de ne plus m’inquiéter pour un rien, j’ai pu atteindre mes objectifs en toute confiance au terme de nos séances.

Adina Pease

Het eerste wat ik voelde toen ik met Murielle praatte was een boost in zelfvertrouwen. Murielle vertrouwde me van in het begin. En, als een direct gevolg daarvan, kon ik dat vertrouwen in mezelf ook zien. Het is één van de vele positieve gevoelens die je ervaart wanneer je haar kent. Murielle is een begaafde vrouw vol talent en interesses.

Veronica Pacella

Ik heb een concrete wegenkaart gekregen die ik meteen zou kunnen toepassen. Ik kan heel eerlijk zeggen dat ik marketing, klantenloyaliteit en online zakendoen in een compleet nieuw daglicht stel. Ik ben het plan aan het implementeren en bemerk al onmiddellijk tractie. En het allerbelangrijkste – dankzij Murielle heb ik eindelijk volledig zelfvertrouwen in mezelf en geloof ik dat ik enorm succes kan boeken met mijn zaak.

Suryani Six

Na de eerste sessie begon ik mijn moed te herontdekken. Ik nam niet langer genoegen met minder dan wat ik  verdiende. Ik kwam eindelijk op voor mezelf en besloot dat ik niet meer zou werken voor minder, net het tegenovergestelde, ik had minder werk voor meer geld nodig! Murielle’s advies, “Werk niet hard, werk SLIM” is nu mijn nieuwe motto.

Slavina Stoyanova

Desondanks het feit dat ik uren met Murielle zou kunnen gesproken hebben, voelde ik dat we echt de kernaspecten van hetgeen waar ik angstig en onzeker over was in verband met mijn zaak, hebben uitgeklaard. Murielle behandelde elk probleem grondig, met een vriendelijkheid en zorg die ervoor zorgde dat ik me nadien opgelucht voelde en een klare kijk had.

Cara Chase

Murielle ontmoeten was het definieerbare moment in mijn professionele ontwikkeling waarop ik besloot volledig te gaan voor een freelance carrière. Ik heb enorm veel geluk gehad om een kans te krijgen te profiteren van Murielle’s lessen, wijsheid en aanstekelijk enthousiasme in mijn leven. Ze is een geboren leider; ze transformeert levens niet alleen door haar coaching en programma’s, ze heeft ook nog eens een krachtige aanwezigheid die iedereen rondom haar inspireert.

Ewa Lewandowska

Murielle is een stille kracht geweest achter alles wat ik de afgelopen zes maanden ondernomen heb. Ze heeft me geholpen met praktische manieren om mezelf op de eerste plaats van mijn takenlijstje te zetten. Dankzij haar coaching heb ik geleerd dat wanneer ik iets GROOTS dien te doen, ik mezelf moet voeden en een echte, liefdevolle relatie met mezelf dien te hebben om zo mijn cliënten en mijn familie te ondersteunen.

Pat Romain

Het was alsof ze de chaos in mijn hoofd omvormde naar een werkend plan. Gaande van me verloren te voelen naar me niet alleen enthousiast te voelen omtrent het project, maar een feitelijk, duidelijk pad te hebben – Murielle Marie luisterde en spoorde me aan om de problemen waar ik me onzeker over voelde, te overwinnen. Wat een efficiënte sessie! Heel erg bedankt!

Kirsten R.

Door het werk dat ik verricht heb met Murielle werd ik me ervan bewust dat ik beter verdien, dat ik beter naar mezelf moet luisteren, dat ik in mezelf moet geloven en dat ja, ik het wel degelijk kan! Daarom ben ik nu bezig aan mijn eigen projectidee, en ik laat het samen met me groeien. Ik weet niet waartoe het zal leiden, maar ik geniet enorm van de reis. En ik ben er heel wat gelukkiger door, het is tot nu toe een geweldige trip!

Stéphanie Mertems

Murielle is de meest fantastische, levendige en warme persoon ooit. Aangezien ze zelf haar eigen reis van zelfontdekking en zelfliefde heeft genomen, kent ze het pad dat ze predikt als geen ander, omdat ze het zelf bewandeld heeft. Ze is een briljante zakenvrouw die intense reflectie, zorg en liefde investeert in alles wat ze doet. Ze is echt gepassioneerd om andere vrouwen de kracht te geven om zichzelf te kennen en graag te zien. Als dit iets is waar jij naar hunkert, zal je in staat zijn om geweldige zaken te doen met Murielle aan je zijde.

Kate McCready

The first thing I felt when talking with Murielle was a boost in confidence. Murielle trusted me from the very beginning. And, as an immediate result, I could see that confidence in myself. It’s been only one of many positive feelings from knowing her. Murielle is a gifted woman full of talents and interests.

Veronica Pacella

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Veronica Pacella
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Suryani Six

I have been given a concrete roadmap that I could take away and apply immediately. I can honestly say I’ve seen marketing, customer loyalty, and online business in a completely new light. I am implementing the plan and already seeing traction. Importantly, thanks to Murielle, I finally feel absolutely confident that I can achieve a huge success in my business.

Suryani Six

After the first session, I began to rediscover my bravery. I no longer accepted less than what I deserved. I finally stood up for myself and decided that I would not work more for less, in fact, I needed less work for more money! Murielle’s advice “Don’t work hard, work SMART”, has become my motto.

Slavina Stoyanova

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Slavina Stoyanova
Murielle Marie Client Testimonial Cara Chace

Although I feel like I could have chatted with Murielle for hours, I felt we really addressed the core aspects of what I was anxious and unsure of around my business. Murielle addressed each issue thoroughly, with a kindness and care that left me feeling relieved and clear.

Cara Chase

Meeting Murielle was a defining moment in my professional development, which convinced me in my ability to fully transition to a freelance career. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to benefit from Murielle’s teachings, wisdom and contagious enthusiasm in my life. She’s a natural leader, transforming lives not only through her coaching and programs, but through her powerful presence which inspires everyone around her.

Ewa Lewandowska

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Ewa Lewandowska
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Pat Romain

Murielle has been a silent power behind everything I’ve been doing for the last 6 months. She has helped me with practical ways of putting myself first on my to-do list. Through her coaching I’ve learned that if I am called to serve BIG I have to nourish myself and have a real loving relationship with myself in order to support my own clients and my family.

Pat Romain

It was as if she transformed the chaos in my head into a workable plan. From feeling lost, to not only be enthusiastic about the project, but actually having a very clear path as well – Murielle Marie listened and encouraged me to overcome the issues I was feeling uncertain about. What an effective session! Thanks a lot!

Kirsten R.

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Kirsten R.

Nadat we in contact kwamen, dwong een persoonlijke tragedie me om mijn pad en focus te herdefiniëren en ik had hulp nodig. Onze eerste sessie was zo’n catharsis! Dit type open, echte hulp is zo moeilijk te vinden bij mensen en Murielle heeft er echt een gave voor. Dankzij deze nieuwe mogelijkheid om te focussen en te stoppen met ‘te piekeren over details’ bereikte ik vol zelfvertrouwen mijn doelstellingen tegen het einde van onze sessies.

Adina Pease

Through the work I’ve done with Murielle, I became aware that I deserve better, that I have to listen to myself more, that I have to believe in myself, and that “yes” I can do this! So I’m working on my own project idea, and I’m letting it grow together with me. I don’t know where it will take me, but I’m really enjoying the journey. And I’m so much happier for it. It’s been such an amazing journey.

Stéphanie Mertens

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Stephanie Mertens
Murielle Marie Client Testimonial Kate McCready

Murielle is the most wonderfully vibrant and warm person. Having been on her own journey of self discovery and self love, she knows the path she preaches as she has walked it. She is a brilliant business woman who brings deep reflection, care and love to all she does. She is truly passionate about empowering other women to know and love themselves. If this is something you’re craving, you will do amazing things with Murielle alongside you.

Kate McCready

After we connected, a personal tragedy forced me to redefine my path and focus and I needed assistance. Our first session was so cathartic! That kind of open true support is very hard to find in people and Murielle has such a gift for it! Thanks to the newfound ability to focus and quit “sweating the small stuff”, I confidently achieved my goals by the end of our sessions.

Adina Pease

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Adina Pease

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