My mid-year goals review 2016 – part 2 of 2

Here’s part 2 of my mid-year goals review. Last week, I started this mini-series with an epically long post about the...

Here’s part 2 of my mid-year goals review. Last week, I started this mini-series with an epically long post about the strategy, tools, and habits that I use to work on my goals. I know I left all of you on a cliff-hanger with that one, disclosing absolutely nothing about the stuff I’ve actually been working on for more than eight months.

But all that is about to change, because in what follows below I’ll give you a full overview of the goals I set for myself this year, what I’ve accomplished so far, what hasn’t been so hot, and where I’m currently at.

My 5×5 goals quadrant

If you haven’t downloaded your template of the 5×5 goals quadrant, you can do it here.


As you can see above, my five main goals / visions for the year are:

  • Build a successful and rewarding coaching business
  • Uplevel as an online entrepreneur
  • Make self-care a priority
  • Find a place to call home
  • Become a writer and spiritual teacher

Under each goal, I’ve listed the five big action items / goals that I’ve set for myself for each main goal this year. As you can see, this is not a small or humble list of goals. And, although this list seems very structured, and well put together, the quadrant is the result of hard work, and a lot of goal-prepping, reviewing, and fine-tuning behind the scenes. Actually, through my mid-year goals review, at least 50% of what’s on the quadrant was fine-tuned to reflect where I am right now, what’s realistic to achieve by the end of the year, and what I feel I want and need to focus on.

Before the quadrant, as I mentioned in part 1 of this 2-part series, I spent a lot of time writing down all the things I want to achieve during the year, much like when I do a brain dump of ideas that need to find their way out of my head. At this stage, anything goes. I’m not discriminating, but simply writing down on paper what’s been swirling in my mind, my heart, and even in my soul.

The list I eventually end up with becomes the foundation of my entire goal-setting activities, all the way up to the polished 5×5 goals quadrant you see above. Just like in my Dream Bigger Program, where this is one of the first exercises students have to work through.

Then, once all the goals are down on paper, several iterations are spent to weed out anything that isn’t aligned with my or my student’s feelings. What remains after this intense process is not only a list of goals that reflects what I really want, but that also feeds my soul. And that’s really how you want all your goals to be: challenging yet achievable, and feeling-based. From the list I have now, I distill my top five goals / visions for the year. I do that by identifying recurring themes throughout my various goals. This may sound odd, but once you do the work, I guarantee you’ll notice themes in your goals as well. We’re just funny like that.

With my top five goals / visions identified, I create a spreadsheet to which I add all the goals I’ve written down in a column on the left, and I add my top five goals / visions each as a title on top of five distinct columns next to that first one.

Then, for each goal, I mark with an X each one of the top five goals it matches with. This differs from goal to goal. Sometimes there’s only one match, sometimes there’s as much as five. It all depends. And, of course, it’s all OK. And that’s also how I identify the five action points / goals I’ll add in my quadrant for each of the five main goals. They are the action points / goals that feel epic, and that if all else fails, I really want to get done by the end of the year.

Of course I have many more goals I work towards (a whole list in my spreadsheet), and most of my goals require many actions to reach them. What I’ll detail below are the five main ones I’ve selected for each of my quadrant items, and the current status of each one.

After that, I’ll let you in on some of my other juicy goals and give you an overview of the other fun things I’ve been working towards this year.

So here are my main goals of the year, and the current status of each one:

#1: Build a successful and rewarding coaching business
It’s difficult to choose between my top visions for the year, but if I had to pick my favourite goal, it would definitely be this one. I’ve been transitioning into coaching for a few years now, and when planning for my 2016 goals I felt very strongly that I was ready to turn this passion into a profitable business. In order to achieve that goal, I identified these points as my main focus for the year:

  • Build a membership site and enrol 400 members
  • Get 60 group coaching clients to enrol in my Dream Bigger program
  • Organize inspiring sisterhood days and workshops
  • Design a unique goal-setting and procrastination busting year planner
  • Create a signature talk and learn public speaking

Overall this goal is going great. I’ve created a membership site, I have enrolled members, and I have a marketing funnel ready that will start running by the end of the month. I’m still hopeful that I can reach 400 members by the end of the year. And if you’re interested, you can check out the membership site here.

I’m also almost ready to launch the Dream Bigger program for it’s second (!) edition this Fall; I’ve had a successful sisterhood event in Amsterdam this past June, and I’m preparing for the upcoming one in Paris on October 22nd.

And finally, I have a signature talk ready to go (I’m in the fine-tuning process as we speak), and I’m actively looking for venues that want to welcome me as a speaker (if you know of any, don’t hesitate to let me know).

My mid-year goals review 2016 - part 2 of 2

#2: Uplevel as an online entrepreneur
I’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and I’ve set-up, grown, and sold companies throughout my career. As such, I feel confident that I know a thing or two about business. Yet, and especially as a creative entrepreneur, it’s so easy to fall into the busyness trap, and to be your own worst enemy. I know, I’ve experienced it first-hand. Trying to control everything, difficulty to delegate, working way below the real value of my work, and so on.

That’s why this year I decided to take a good look at my entrepreneurial habits, and the health and future of my projects, to make sure that I could finally do less and earn more. And more importantly, that I could finally free up my time to focus on the things I really love to do. In order to achieve this goal, I decided to work on the following:

  • Get money smart on every level
  • Automate my business systems
  • Hire A-list team members and delegate all non-core tasks
  • Identify and focus on my three most profitable projects, and end all other, less profitable work
  • Connect with 50 business partners, and work out win/win opportunities with them

I would put this goal at around 50% right now. It’s not going bad, but it definitely could use more work and focus. On the upside, I’ve really made it a happy to be money smart and to be careful with how I spent my it. I’ve also identified my most profitable projects, and I’ve made them a priority. I haven’t been able to end all others yet, but I’m working on it.

I’ve tried and tested several team members this year, yet I still need to find the A-list team members that I’m looking for. And finally, I haven’t started connecting with potential business partners, which is not great this far gone in the year, so I’ve committed myself to making this one of my priorities for the months to come.

#3: Make self-care a priority
If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m so big on self-care! Taking good care of yourself counts as the number one success strategy in my book. That’s why this year I wanted to pay particular attention to it, and focus a lot of my attention on being good to myself, and putting my needs first.

In my opinion, this goal is totally connected with my #1 and #2 goals, because feeling really good in your body, having a clear and focused mind, and waking up happy are essential when you’re trying to build a new business, or uplevel an existing one! And without good self-care habits, it’s practically impossible to achieve feeling like that. So for this goal, I chose to work on the following items:

  • Get in shape through healthy food, enough rest, and exercise
  • Rekindle with my sensuality through natural and free discovery
  • Make time off mandatory, and learn to relax – guilt-free
  • Be visible and show my true self by dressing in my unique, eclectic style
  • Develop a deeper connection with my intuition, and use it to safeguard my boundaries, health, and happiness

This goal is going incredible well. Maybe it’s because it’s so much fun to work on, or because I really needed it and focusing on my self-care just makes me feel so good. In any case, I’m down with almost all of my action points for this one.

I’ve lost almost all the excess weight I had put on in the last couple of years, and I’ve been keeping a steady exercise routine almost since the beginning of the year. I’ve become a vegetarian, and I stay away from processed foods, sugars, and most carbs.

I’ve been enjoying an hour-long full body massage every week since early January, and I’ve finally made piece with doing nothing for the sake of doing nothing. On the intuition side, I’ve been working with my life coach to tap into it more, and it has been a very interesting process.

#4: Find a place to call home
Originally from Belgium, I relocated to Bulgaria two years ago. It’s been a wonderful two years, filled with lots of travel, and plenty of new experiences. The downside however is that I haven’t had a place to call home for that entire period of time. Of course, when I’m not traveling, I live in an apartment in Sofia, but that place is just that, a place, and not my home.

When I was working on my goals at the end of last year, I realized that even the house that I had been living in in Belgium was not a home, and that subconsciously I had always known it was only a transitional place for me. And for a while I guess that can be OK, but in my case that meant that I hadn’t been home for at least five years. And I was starting to feel it. I longed for an interior that would resonate with who I am as a person, and that would make me feel peaceful, and comfortable, and that love to spend time in.

That’s why I decided to make this a top priority for me this year, and I did that by setting the following goals for myself:

  • Declutter, and teach myself/learn to be happy with less
  • Find an airy, light, and peaceful place to live in
  • Explore interior design so I can make my living space into a home
  • Create a home office that uplifts and inspires me
  • Create a kit to help me bring my home essentials with me when traveling

I’ve done a lot for this goal, but at the same time I have no real results to show for. Basically I haven’t found the right space to live in yet, and that’s mostly due to the fact that Sam (my husband) and I have not been seeing eye to eye when it comes to how much we’re willing to spend on the place, and in what area of the city it should be located.

So basically I’ve been thinking about this goal a lot, but I haven’t really progressed.

#5: Become a writer and spiritual teacher
And finally, as part of the goals I set for myself this year, becoming a writer definitely counts as the most challenging one of all. I’ve always written, but I never thought of myself as a writer. Until a particular coaching session that I had with my business coach last year, in which I uncovered that it was fear that was keeping me from writing, nothing more.

That’s why I decided to put this goal on my quadrant, and to make it a real priority to get a lot of actual writing done. I distilled that wish into the following actions:

  • Dive deep into the divine feminine
  • Explore spiritual teachings, and practices, and make those that fit my own
  • Write a book about feminism, sisterhood, and the power that lies in being a woman
  • Get 12 guest posts published in niche-related online and/or offline media
  • Self-publish on Amazon

While I still put goal #2 at 50%, I’ve got to be honest with myself and give this one a bad grade of about 30%. I’m doing really well on the divine feminine side, I’m studying, talking to other women, diving really deep into all that. Same for the spiritual teachings, and practices. But I haven’t started on the book, and I’m slacking (read: feeling a lot of resistance) when it comes to writing guest posts. So I’ve reprioritized and I’ll be focusing more on actions that lead to the achievement of this goal.

That’s it for my quadrant.

Now you might wonder what other (fun) goals I’ve set for myself this year, besides the big and daring ones. Here’s an overview:

  • Create content for my website consistently (blog, social, newsletter) – doing
  • Create four online events – doing, two already done, two more to go
  • Create two live events – doing, one already done, one more to go
  • Read two books a month – doing
  • Test and implement productivity habits – doing
  • Follow one online course every month / learn something new every day – doing
  • Meditate consistently – doing
  • Schedule monthly spa time – not started
  • Schedule weekly massages – doing
  • Be open to new and fun adventures – doing
  • Nurture my friendships – doing
  • Learn to play the piano – not started
  • Learn to draw – started
  • Get on top of the Eiffel tower – done
  • Buy a Chanel bag in Paris – not started
  • Go to Berlin for a city trip – not started
  • Get invited to NY Fashion week – not started
  • Travel to London for Christmas shopping – not started
  • Start a podcast – started
  • Create a format for a new TV program for women – started
  • Meet Oprah – not started (this might be a tricky one)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this uber-epic post. I promise that I’ll keep you updated on my progress on a monthly basis from now on, maybe even with an online get-together that you can participate in.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you, and how your goals are going. So do let me know below.

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