Top 5 year planning tips for a successful and fulfilling 2016

Fall is a beautiful season. The leaves turn beautiful colors, the air becomes more refreshing, and the evening falls more quickly....

Fall is a beautiful season. The leaves turn beautiful colors, the air becomes more refreshing, and the evening falls more quickly. It is as if the world is preparing for renewal, and… well, that is really what it is.

During this period of the year, I love to start working on what comes next. I take time to reflect on the months that have passed, and what I have accomplished in my personal and professional life, but also how the year has treated me – how it has been on my body and on my soul. During this time, I take note of what has worked well for me and what was wasn’t so great, and I start to dream of all the things I’ll do in the next Spring, and Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Having done this for many years now, I have perfected the formula to figuring out what it is that I want, and also how I intend to achieve it. And this year, I even decided to dedicate a 6-week program to it, so you can reflect and plan ahead with me to make 2016 the most amazing of all years.

In this program, I will share all my secrets and tricks of the trade that have made my efforts more and more rewarding over the years. We will go in depth into what it is to really plan ahead, how it is important to take time to do it, what techniques work best to craft a year of happiness, success, and fun, and how to equip yourself to stay in action, on track, and to keep procrastination at bay.

Although we will go into much more detail in the program and cover many year planning aspects, I wanted to share my top 5 year planning tips with you today, so that you can get started with making 2016 your best year ever.

  1. Give yourself time to prepare. I used to jot down a few new years’ resolutions every January 1st, only to find by February (if I was lucky to stay on track that long!) that I had strayed from the path and lacked any kind of willpower to keep the promises I had made to myself. It took me years to understand that planning an entire year is a serious endeavor that requires time and effort to succeed. That is why I now give myself plenty of time to prepare and think about what I want, and usually start the process around mid-November.
  2. Reflect on and release the year that is coming to a close. Before I start a new year, a new plan, a new everything, I like to reflect and close the old one first. This grounds me and allows me to learn from my mistakes, and to do better in the future. Good ways to do this are to journal about what’s passed, or meditate with a focus or question that relates to what you want to let go. Once I have done this, my mind is clearer and I can move forward with passion and energy.
  3. Dream big and don’t censor yourself. The next thing I do when I plan my year is to really allow myself to dream big. I never think about whether what I want is actually achievable – that’s something I’ll tackle later. Doing this has allowed me to live a life of adventure, travel, and amazing experiences, all while starting and running businesses, and doing the things I really care about.
  4. Take time to really feel your dreams. Dreaming big is wonderful, but you want to make sure your dreams are what you really want. That sounds funny, right? But believe me, very often, what we think we want and what we really want are two totally different things. I see this in my coaching practice all the time. So whatever it is you want, the point is to really think about it. What would reaching that goal do for you? How would it make you feel? The dream is the feeling. Once you’ve got that, you can start planning.
  5. Visualize. When I have a plan and I know what I want to achieve, I start visualizing. I put together a vision board, cut out pictures from magazines, hang reminders all around me, and plaster my kitchen with queues of all the things that I want to accomplish. By doing this, I call my future into my now and I have constant and year-long reminders of what it is that I have set myself out to accomplish. And I can honestly say that it works! The constant reminder of what I set myself out to accomplish keeps me in action, even when things don’t go the way I planned. And seeing my dreams so clearly all around me helps me to stay focused and to know why I do what I do, even in my greatest moments of doubt.

Those are my top 5 tips for planning and achieving a successful and fulfilling 2016. But of course, there is much more. What do you do, for instance, when you have gone off track? Or when life throws something at you that you didn’t expect?

Click here to my free workshop, where I go into detail about the tips I’ve shared with you today.

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