How Anouck Became a Professional Multi-Passionate Storyteller

I met Anouck at a business retreat. As soon as we met, I immediately felt a deep connection to Anouck’s intense...

How Anouck Became a Professional Multi-Passionate Storyteller

How Anouck Became a Professional Multi-Passionate Storyteller

I met Anouck at a business retreat. As soon as we met, I immediately felt a deep connection to Anouck’s intense multi-passionate soul. When Anouck started telling me more about her life and business journey, I was curious to know how she managed to bring together so many of her passions, and interests into her daily life. Here’s how she did it.

What was your big dream, and what inspired you to go after it?

I don’t have one Big Dream – in fact, I have many. But what it boils down to is this: to create, to connect and to have an impact. My entrepreneurial journey has been a perfect illustration of this. I started my business as your classic copywriter. It quickly evolved into helping clients with their content marketing, coaching them, helping them express the stories they buried inside, showing their true colors. I absolutely love the coaching aspect of what I do and it really helps me to have an impact.

Did you always had this dream?

Probably not in the specific shape that it has taken now, but I’ve always wanted to be a creator and I’ve always craved the freedom that I have now.

As a kid, there was always some sort of creative project I was working on: hosting a radio show with my cousins, creating my own magazine, coming up with an entire comic book series (about a female action hero called Vernie Virgin), writing scenarios for the school play, writing my own poetry, songs and lyrics, coming up with “murder games”… you name it!

At the same time, I’ve always been ambitious, interested in politics and society. I remember specifically having as a goal to become Belgium’s first prime minister. I could still fulfill that one…. Gender and feminism has consistently been a theme too.

What was one of the first thing you did to get you started?

I went out into the world, travelled, went to conferences, read books, blogs, listened to podcasts, talked to people. I absorbed like a sponge. And I still continue to do so. It’s crucial to filling up that creative well.

Research, learn, rinse, repeat. That pretty much sums up my process.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in working toward achieving your dream?

For me it is definitely focus. All the distractions, all the shiny objects along the way! So much to do, so little time. I’m afraid it will remain like that for me.

Distractions are everywhere. Sometimes they come in the shape of new tools, books, courses, new interesting topics to explore. Often it’s people asking me for help and the pleaser deep within myself who impulsively wants to say yes to everything.

What do you wish you would have done differently? What would you warn others about?

Don’t try to play it by the rules too much. If you go down the path of being an entrepreneur, you make your own rules. Freedompreneur is really the term that resonates with me most, haha!

You’ll notice there is a lot of business advice out there that will tell you how to run a business. What to do, what not to do. How to do it. In truth, I find it’s different for everyone. Especially if you want to go down the online path, a lot of the “old” rules just don’t apply.

Would you say you’ve achieved your big dream yet?

I probably wouldn’t say so. I’m insatiable in a way. I always want more. At the same time, I realize I have a right to be incredibly grateful with where I’m at right now. My dream is to help as many (female) entrepreneurs out there as possible to bring their unique story into the world. To be heard and seen. To make their mark. I’m slowly but steadily going down that road with Ampersand so in a way, that is living the dream already.

My Big Dream is to make this world a more equal place. I’d like to think that my son and daughter will grow up in a world where they have equal chances and opportunities and I’m willing to work hard and put it all out there to make that happen.

What do you think helped you achieve it?

I think that question should be “who helped you achieve it”, haha! I am lucky to have a small but tightly-knit network of believers around me. My husband really pushed me (and keeps pushing me) to go the extra mile. Also: role models are so incredibly important. The more I surround myself with other Big Dreamers, go-getters, soul-preneurs, feminists, the more inspired I feel to go after my own dreams. And yes, it helps that I’m incredibly stubborn and that I won’t rest before I get what I want, there’s that too.

What’s the best advice you have for others who want to follow their big dreams?

Don’t go it alone. Find kindred spirits. Dwell outside of your comfort zone often – you will learn so much. And show your true colors – your tribe will love you for it.

Anouck doing what she loves most: working with others to create powerful stories.

More about Anouck –

Anouck Meier has been a storyteller all her life. She used to tell stories defending her clients as an EU antitrust lawyer. She traded the court (and her robe) for a life as an online entrepreneur. As Chief Storytelling Officer of Ampersand Copy & Content, she helps other entrepreneurs to bring their stories to life and out into the world. As a multipassionate freedompreneur, she also enjoys a host of side projects, including organizing content & writing retreats and hosting a podcast about (the myth of) work/life balance.

You can follow Anouck’s storytelling adventures on Instagram: @ampersandcopycontent

You can listen to Anouck riff about life, limiting beliefs, and unrealistic work-life balance expectations on her absolutely delightful podcast here:

Anouck’s favourite quote is:

Those who tell the stories rule the world.
– Unknown

Anouck’s big dream for the world is:

Smashing the patriarchy, saving the planet and world peace.


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