How Sarah Became a Textile Designer And Created Her Own Label of Interior Objects

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at a screen printing workshop she was teaching. I was immediately struck by the...

How Sarah Became a Textile Designer And Created Her Own Label of Interior Objects

How Sarah Became a Textile Designer And Created Her Own Label of Interior ObjectsI had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at a screen printing workshop she was teaching. I was immediately struck by the clarity with which Sarah was able to explain the technical aspects of screen printing, but also – and more importantly – how at ease she was with her own creativity, and mine. In the most gentle way Sarah pushed me forward, helped me to dig deeper so I could find that spark within myself.

When I meet rare humans like Sarah, I need to know more. How did they figure things out, build their careers, go after their big dreams? So here’s how Sarah became a textile designer and created her own label of interior objects.

What was your big dream, and what inspired you to go after it?

It’s a difficult one to answer because finding out what your big dream is, is not a fixed thing for me. I see it more like a constantly evolving process. In fact, during some periods of my life trying to define my big dream was more a stress factor than a blessing.

It felt like I had to have one otherwise it was as if I didn’t mean a thing or I didn’t even exist. I couldn’t find one thing because I have many passions and don’t like to put myself in a particular box while there are so many things I’m interested in.

It was hard work to let go of trying to figure things out, but the moment I did everything unfolded in front of me. I realized that my dream was already in me and in everything that surrounded me. I just needed some distance to observe what was already going on and look at what I did best, believe in my skills and do what I love the most, regardless what other people think of it.

The thing that I love to do and do best is to create and to help others through my creativity and art. I love to awaken the power to create that I believe is in everyone of us. Creativity helps you to be real, free and simply you. It doesn’t need to be perfect either. Whatever is being created is good enough in it’s own unperfected, raw way of existence. As long as it’s made in an honest dialogue with yourself it’s actually perfect.

Did you always had this dream?

I think it’s always been there, I just tried a lot of different roads to get to this point.

What was one of the first thing you did to get you started?

Go out there and try things out. Don’t be afraid to enter the work field, meet people, confront yourself, experiment as much as you can. It will help you figure out what you need, and what you don’t.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in working toward achieving your dream?

Sometimes you make decisions or you start projects that don’t turn out the way you want.  Some of those decisions have huge consequences.

The biggest challenge is not to see it as a personal failure, but instead to see those moments as valuable lessons. When you fail, take your time to heal yourself, be kind to yourself and take a fresh look at the situation. Asking yourself what the problem was, and how you can react differently next time will make you stronger and more prepared for the unprepared that will eventually follow when you start something new after your “failed” project.

What do you wish you would have done differently? What would you warn others about?

Sometimes I wish I would have regained my self-confidence a bit sooner. Being mad at myself, or disappointed, and harsh for yourself takes a lot of energy and keeps you stuck in a negative spiral.

When that happens there’s no room for something new to emerge. On the other hand, sometimes things take the time they need to ground. In the end, it is what it is. So overall I don’t have much regrets.

Would you say you’ve achieved your big dream yet?

I’m living it. I’m grateful for what I have, what I can do, what I’ve been given and I’m blessed with the perfect daughter, a funky family and golden friends!

What do you think helped you achieve it?

Never giving up, and keep on building and working in a loving positive way. Loving myself, and surrounding myself with things and people that are good for me!

What’s the best advice you have for others who want to follow their big dreams?

Be honest with yourself. Also accept the hard things that come your way. Life is good as it is, duality is part of it and keeps the balance we need.

How Sarah Became a Textile Designer And Created Her Own Label of Interior Objects

Sarah teaching during the first session of the screen printing workshop I attended.

More about Sarah –

Sarah grew grew up in an artistic family. Her parents taught her the importance of developing her personal talent. Through this encouragement, and subsequent studies at art school, she formed skills and a way of looking and searching. That foundation of questioning, and responding to things led to an interesting process that keeps evolving.

For the last fourteen years Sarah has lived and worked in Antwerp as a freelance textile designer. This includes creating patterns for different purposes, coloration of collections, styling of interiors, designing exhibition stands, creating trend boards, and so on. She’s also developing an own label of interior objects. The label stands for high quality, locally manufactured objects, with a clear artistic vision behind them. They’re made in limited productions, each production has its own story.

You can find our more about Sarah, and her work at, or follow her on Instagram @patoorsarah

Sarah’s favorite quote:

It’s everyone’s right to be a white raven, envolez-vous et suivez votre rêve.

Sarah’s big dream for the world:

Love, light and connection.


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