5 Things That Made me Happy in March

So often I’m asked how I live my life, run my businesses, and what I do to find happiness, and balance...

Things That Made Me Happy In March

So often I’m asked how I live my life, run my businesses, and what I do to find happiness, and balance every day. Well… I do a lot of things. In the past seven years I’ve become really intentional about my life. Instead of waiting for the things I want to come into my life, I’ve learned to go out and get them for myself. This also means taking good care of myself (mind, body, and soul), investing in myself, learning new skills, stretching the boundaries of my comfort zone and never stopping to explore who I am.

But most of all it means focusing on bringing things into my life that make me happy, and avoiding things that have the opposite effect. Because everything your life is made of, how trivial it may be, either works for you or against you.

For instance, In the past few months a big lesson for me has been to realize how much my surroundings were affecting my mood, ergo my life. Upgrading simple things like a computer screen, a desk chair, or even simply removing a photograph from the wall that you don’t really like can have a huge impact on your day to day life. Exactly like all the positive things you allow into it. Whatever those may be.

Like we become the sum of the five people we surround ourselves with the most, I believe our happiness is the result of the things we surround ourselves with: people, places, things, experiences.

So here’s a list of five things that made me happy in March.

#1 The Inside Story

At the end of February I signed up for Susannah Conway’s The Inside Story, a course about how she runs her heart-centered online business. So far one of the best decision I’ve made this year.

Even though I only heard about this incredible woman recently (thank you Sora for guiding me to her) I’m a total fan-girl. Susannah has a number of courses she runs every year, but The Inside Story is a course you can enroll for at any time. It’s a beautiful story about her business, and how she grew it; and an incredible well of knowledge, tools, and advice you can put into practice to grow your own online business from the heart.

#2 The Priestess Playlists

I love music, but I’m terrible at remembering artists or songs I like. That’s why I’m always so thankful when someone shares their favorite music with me, or puts together a Spotify playlist that I can listen to.

Last month Julie Parker, founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and modern day Priestess, shared three beautiful priestess playlists with her tribe. I’ve been listening to them every day, all day. They are simply divine. Thank you Julie <3

#3 Inbox Zero Challenge

I took on Sara Jane Case’s Free Inbox Zero Challenge last month, and got my inbox down to zero again for the first time in a long time! Sara Jane is another woman I’m absolutely in awe of lately. I love her real and insightful Instagram stories about life and business, and the way she embodies self-love.

#4 Bellabeat Activity Tracker

I bought a Leaf health tracker by Bellabeat. By far the most delightful, and fashionable wearable I’ve ever had. I grew so tired of the not-so-pretty activity trackers I’ve been wearing for the past five years that I decided to check out if anybody had thought of creating a wearable for women for a change. And what do you know? Yes, someone did!

I’ve opted for the Leaf Urban Rose Gold Edition. I can wear it clipped on a piece of clothing, on my wrist with the wrap bracelet, or around my neck with the infinity necklace.

What’s great about this activity tracker is that it’s more than that. According to Bellabeat their products “help create a better, healthier lifestyle by bringing intuitive wellness tools to women, encouraging them to take care of their health and to be informed.” After wearing my “leaf” for almost a month I agree with that statement. What’s so cool about it is that it measures your sensitivity to stress by keeping track of your activity, but also your cycle, your meditation practice, and your sleep. I’m totally addicted to it!

#5 Awesome Blog List

I’ve loved Ellen Griffin’s list of blogs she follows. The blogosphere can feel like such a crazy, overwhelming place sometimes, that it’s great to get a look behind the laptops of what inspiring, successful bloggers are reading. Ellen’s list is awesome, and definitely worth checking out.

That’s it for this list. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about the things that brighten my day.

How about you? What made you happy last most? Oh, and if you feel like sharing your favorite playlists with me, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments below. I’d love that!

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