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Private Coaching Murielle Marie

I help hardworking multi-passionate women overcome what’s stopping them from living courageous, and joyful lives.


They learn to trust themselves enough to overcome fear so they can go for what they really want. They stop procrastinating, and finally work on their goals. They gain clarity, confidence, and finally put a halt to their negative inner chatter.

They discover how to love themselves for who they really are. They break free of who they think they must be so they can fully enjoy the many pleasures that life has to offer.

This can manifest in the form of a creative project, a career shift or new business venture, or something entirely different like taking a trip around the world, saying no more often, or finally doing that one thing they’ve wanted to do for so long.

Very often this transformation has a ripple effect into every aspect of their lives. Their relationships better, they find the courage to stand up for what they believe in, to accept who they are, and to learn how to take good and loving care of themselves.

If you’ve landed on this page, I bet it’s because you know there’s something missing from your life.


You’re a hardworking, creative soul. You’ve got all these ideas in your head, yet you never seem to be able to see anything through or to actually get started. On the outside it looks like you’ve got it all together, but on the inside you just don’t feel that way. You wish you had more time, that you wouldn’t have to run around playing catch-up with your to-do list all the time.

You often wish things were different, but the problem is you don’t really know what you want or how to change things.

If this is you, I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself only a few years ago. That’s why I’m confident that I'm the right coach to help you overcome the fears and blocks that are keeping you from living the life you want, and finally get you into action. And along the way to help you love every aspect of yourself, your life and your career or business too.

Here are a few examples of what we can work on together:

  • Gain clarity about what you really want so you can start living for yourself instead of others.
  • Figure out how to marry your many passions so you can break free from who you think you must be.
  • Actually do things, instead of thinking about them, a.k.a. kicking procrastination in the butt.
  • Break free of people-pleasing, perfectionism, not feeling good enough so you don’t have to be the responsible one all the time.
  • Overcome fear, anxiety, worry so you can finally be free, and enjoy your life.

I’m here to tell you that there is an amazing life - your life - waiting for you.

But to get there you need to break free from what’s holding you back!

And I’m the coach that can help you to do that.

Murielle Marie

Life & Business Coach



Aside from getting you into action, my coaching will also...

  • give you greater confidence and self-esteem,
  • improve your social skills,
  • help you to find clarity and figure out what you are meant to do,
  • empower you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in,
  • help you to let go of control and your need to be perfect all the time,
  • having the confidence to do what you really want to do.

When you come from a place of love and trust, everything is possible. The fear goes away. The world changes. What you thought you couldn’t do makes room for infinite possibility.

And it is beautiful, and peaceful, and wonderful. The boldness of loving and trusting yourself first makes miracles happen. Believe me, I’ve seen it.

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After we connected, a personal tragedy forced me to redefine my path and focus and I needed assistance. Our first session was so cathartic! That kind of open true support is very hard to find in people and Murielle has such a gift for it! Thanks to the newfound ability to focus and quit “sweating the small stuff”, I confidently achieved my goals by the end of our sessions.

Adina Pease

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Adina Pease
Murielle Marie Client Testimonial Kate McCready

Murielle is the most wonderfully vibrant and warm person. Having been on her own journey of self discovery and self love, she knows the path she preaches as she has walked it. She is a brilliant business woman who brings deep reflection, care and love to all she does. She is truly passionate about empowering other women to know and love themselves. If this is something you’re craving, you will do amazing things with Murielle alongside you.

Kate McCready
Holistic Business & Career Coach

Through the work I’ve done with Murielle, I became aware that I deserve better, that I have to listen to myself more, that I have to believe in myself, and that “yes” I can do this! So I’m working on my own project idea, and I’m letting it grow together with me. I don’t know where it will take me, but I’m really enjoying the journey. And I’m so much happier for it. It’s been such an amazing journey.

Stéphanie Mertens
Bachelor in Pharmacy and Biology

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Stephanie Mertens
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Kirsten R.

It was as if she transformed the chaos in my head into a workable plan. From feeling lost, to not only be enthusiastic about the project, but actually having a very clear path as well – Murielle Marie listened and encouraged me to overcome the issues I was feeling uncertain about. What an effective session! Thanks a lot!

Kirsten R.

Murielle has been a silent power behind everything I’ve been doing for the last 6 months. She has helped me with practical ways of putting myself first on my to-do list. Through her coaching I’ve learned that if I am called to serve BIG I have to nourish myself and have a real loving relationship with myself in order to support my own clients and my family.

Pat Romain
Life & Leadership Coach

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Pat Romain
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Ewa Lewandowska

Meeting Murielle was a defining moment in my professional development, which convinced me in my ability to fully transition to a freelance career. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to benefit from Murielle’s teachings, wisdom and contagious enthusiasm in my life. She’s a natural leader, transforming lives not only through her coaching and programs, but through her powerful presence which inspires everyone around her.

Ewa Lewandowska
Founder - The Woman Ecopreneur Project

Although I feel like I could have chatted with Murielle for hours, I felt we really addressed the core aspects of what I was anxious and unsure of around my business. Murielle addressed each issue thoroughly, with a kindness and care that left me feeling relieved and clear.

Cara Chase
Social Media Strategist

Murielle Marie Client Testimonial Cara Chace
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Slavina Stoyanova

After the first session, I began to rediscover my bravery. I no longer accepted less than what I deserved. I finally stood up for myself and decided that I would not work more for less, in fact, I needed less work for more money! Murielle’s advice “Don’t work hard, work SMART”, has become my motto.

Slavina Stoyanova
Project Coordinator

I have been given a concrete roadmap that I could take away and apply immediately. I can honestly say I’ve seen marketing, customer loyalty, and online business in a completely new light. I am implementing the plan and already seeing traction. Importantly, thanks to Murielle, I finally feel absolutely confident that I can achieve a huge success in my business.

Suryani Six
Personal Stylist & Jewelry Maker

Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Suryani Six
Murielle Marie Client Testimonials Veronica Pacella

The first thing I felt when talking with Murielle was a boost in confidence. Murielle trusted me from the very beginning. And, as an immediate result, I could see that confidence in myself. It’s been only one of many positive feelings from knowing her. Murielle is a gifted woman full of talents and interests.

Veronica Pacella
Holistic Nutritionist & Life Coach

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