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We live in incredibly exciting times. Women are coming together in ways that had long been forgotten. Spirituality is reclaiming a central role in our lives. Gender roles are being questioned. The glorification of busy seems to be coming to an end...

As a feminist, former IT consultant, business owner, philosophy major, and certified life coach, those are topics that I'm particularly interested me, and that I love to speak about.

After a lifetime pondering the human condition - in particular that of women, and the last seven years going through intense stages of personal development, I've come to question a lot of things about the world.

In the TEDx talk I gave in Sofia (Bulgaria) in April 2017, entitled "Don't Believe Anything You Think", I address some of those questions. I invite you to watch this talk by clicking here.



A little more about my story

I've made it my mission to help women to live courageous, free, and joyful lives. After spending more than 15 years building businesses and climbing the corporate ladder the masculine way, I now coach, write, teach, and speak full-time to inspire other women to embrace the feminine and step up as leaders in their own lives.

In the last couple of years I've helped hundreds of women to change their thoughts about their lives. With my blog, workshops, live events, online programs, and private coaching I help women question their beliefs, fears, and anxieties so they can rewrite their story, and live more fulfilling lives.

My speaking audiences go from women networks or groups to corporations, over conferences and events, to schools and nonprofit organizations. I speak about a variety of topics including mindset, fear, science, thinking, gender roles, women empowerment, technology, and the future.

I was nominated for a coaching award by The Beautiful You Coaching Academy two years in a row (in 2016 and 2017), and my articles have been published in online publications such as The Huffington Post and Ellevate Network.

The experience

Speaking is one of my passions, which translates into:

  • An initial call to get clear on your objectives.
  • A speaking topic and content fine-tuned to fit your needs.
  • Visibility for your event on my blog, social media and in my newsletter.

What I love to speak about

As a multi-passionate woman I have a variety of topics I love to speak about, those include:

  • Stepping up as the leader in your own life
  • Truth, thoughts, and reality
  • The power of compassion, and love
  • Figuring out what you really want
  • Women empowerment, and sisterhood
  • Overcoming fear, anxiety, and worry

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