How To Stay Grounded During The Holidays

With Christmas celebrations just behind us, I’m sure you’re already preparing and looking forward to New Year’s Eve. The holiday season...

With Christmas celebrations just behind us, I’m sure you’re already preparing and looking forward to New Year’s Eve. The holiday season is a time of year filled with gifts, joy, warmth, and love. A moment to take a step back from everything. But at the same time, it can be hectic, not to say down right super stressful! Entertaining friends and family is not always happy happy joy joy, and going on a shopping trip when the entire town is out doing the same thing can be exhausting.

So how can we truly enjoy this magical time? How can we make sure we get the best out of being with those we care about, without letting the holiday craziness get to us?

Here’s my quick guide of 5 easy ways to help you stay grounded during the holidays:

#1 Spend Your Time with Loved Ones

Love and connection is what holidays are really about, and spending quality time with your loved ones is so much more important than any gift you buy or dinner you prepare. Focus on the people you really want to be with to strengthen relationships and to make wonderful memories. And yes, this means it’s ok to say no to invitations that don’t fill your heart with joy.

#2 Be in the Moment

Holiday fun, delightful conversation, dance parties, crazy selfies… they happen only once a year, and these warm memories shouldn’t be replaced by work emails or Facebook posts. When we’re honest with ourselves we have to admit that work and social media can wait. Be present in the moment, listen to some holiday music, disconnect from technology, forget your job or business, and you will benefit so much more. Remember, this is a wonderful time of year!

#3 Give Gratitude

Our live is so busy and filled with so many “musts” and “to-dos” that sometimes we forget all the things we’ve got to be grateful for. Having people who truly love and cherish you is such a magical gift, and when you are surrounded by loved ones, there are so many beautiful reasons to be thankful. Take a few minutes and reflect on the gifts you’ve been given, the people you love, and the opportunities you are afforded in life. Giving gratitude reduces stress and brings greater joy to your celebrations. So there’s really no excuse not to!

#4 Stay Active           

It may be cold outside, but the winter offers lots of fun! And great ways to burn off those extra holiday calories! Ice skating, snow walks, sledding… all of these activities can give you some fresh air, exercise, and great fun! You can also go for a hike, or ride bikes. Ask friends and family members to join you for quality bonding time!

#5 Remember Kindness

The holidays are a great time to practice compassion and kindness. And you know how big I am on both. There are plenty of ways for you to make a donation of time or money to help people in need. Don’t let the holidays pass you buy without paying it forward. Give someone an extra boost of spirit and joy! It’ll leave you feeling light and happy. I promise.

How are you feeling this holiday season? I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday full of joy and love! And below, let me know what you’re most grateful for. I’d really love to know.

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