A New Career: Finally Doing it Instead of Thinking About it

Remember when you were younger, and you did those career quizzes to find out which one was right for you?  Sometimes...

A New Career: Finally Doing it Instead of Thinking About it Murielle Marie

Remember when you were younger, and you did those career quizzes to find out which one was right for you? 

Sometimes it was consistent if you took the quiz multiple times. Other times, your options were quite varied. It was hard to choose between a lawyer and a writer, or a teacher and a diplomat (whatever that is!). You might not have fully understood many things about yourself at that time, but you chose (or ended op in) a career anyways – where you are now. 

Whether thoughtfully, serendipitously or through your parents’ emphasis, you chose a career, but today things are different. You feel like a fish out of water, ready for a change. 

This time, you want to finally do it instead of thinking about it. 

Let’s face it, our culture values and rewards consistency and being a team player regardless of how overworked and drained you feel

It’s no wonder people are defensive and reluctant to change careers, because doing it is an uncomfortable ideal that appears easy to do, but where to start

1. Let your surroundings be your teacher. 

The people you’re around daily are teaching you valuable lessons. Whether it’s patience, encouragement, or those red flags (I know you’re sick of judgmental attitudes, toxic bosses and office politics). Listen to what is (and isn’t) going on around you in relation to how you feel. If you know things are not the way they should be, the career you’re in is not ideal; you need to start paying. 

How are your coworkers making you feel? Do you enjoy working at your desk? Are you feeling drained or under-utilised? Do you want to be your own boss? What do you really want and what no longer serves you? When the confusion of being stuck is lifted, magic happens

A New Career: Finally Doing it Instead of Thinking About it Murielle Marie

2. Do preliminary research. 

Once you know what you want, it’s time to do some research. Figuring things out on your own can be difficult, even if you’re paid to problem solve in your 9 to 5. It’s hard to be objective about such a subjective – and important – life decision. You might be reading through every single career book, but still going around in circles with no clarity. Doing research is not about reading more, because otherwise you would have found *the* career by now. You want to research a field that genuinely interests you, talk to a career coach, and you definitely want to be attuning to yourself more carefully. 

What did you enjoy as a child? What makes you curious; what problems do you want to solve in the world? How can you give back to the world? What types of careers exist today that didn’t five years ago? How have others done it? Jotting down these ideas can be empowering because you’re visualizing possibilities. You might even see others living that dream – knowing a meaningful career shift is possible is another way to break through the mental clutter of being afraid and stuck. 

3. Take action. 

You’ve thought about it considerably, and now you need to start doing it. A lot of problems my clients face is inertia, confusion, and not knowing what the first step is. You know you want change, but you might be averse to risk. You can’t drag this on any longer, so find friends or people in your circles who also want a career shift. (Remember: it’s a marathon not a sprint). 

You want to connect with different people, ideas, modes of accountability. They’ll help keep you responsible to yourself, as well as spark new ideas about moving forward. Having a support system to achieve your career shift will be beneficial, but you must take action. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis like many of my clients. Instead, take the steps you need to find the career of your dreams.

Just because there’s a fork in the road doesn’t mean you have to stay where you are. The most important point is you can pivot and course correct ANY TIME along the way. 

Once you take action, life will start to change, guaranteed. Sign up for that negotiation course or go speak to a start-up founder. You can even volunteer in a field or interview someone to gain insight before committing the resources. 

Once you step into these new worlds you will spark possibilities. 

Test out your career shift as you find your way through it. They say action precedes clarity. You don’t need to make sure things are perfect before you act. You will gain clarity, and refine along the way. This isn’t just about career shift, but a life shift as well. 

You’re more than what you get paid to do. So go out there, totally and without reservation, and connect with people, and not just a potential job. Don’t be afraid to step forward in a courageously unconventional, and creative way.

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