Ambitious And Creative? Entrepreneurship Might be a Good Fit For You. Here’s How to Tell…

Admit it, you’re a thorough person. What does that have to do with entrepreneurship? You’re open to experiences and you’re more...

Entrepreneurship might be a good fit for you. Here’s how to tell… Murielle Marie

Admit it, you’re a thorough person. What does that have to do with entrepreneurship?

You’re open to experiences and you’re more conscientious. After all, you want to read and review a report at least three times before sending, help others on different teams when you already have four projects on the go, or clean every nook in the house and run 5 errands in one day before calling it quits. You’re ambitious and a bit of a perfectionist. But wait! There’s more… These qualities can work for you or against you. If you feel like you’re hitting a dead end where you are in your life, here’s some advice. 

This is it. The advice I mean. This post. You’re reading it! Keep going…

From my coaching experience, more often than not, my clients have a hidden itch and talent for entrepreneurship – actually most of them follow that path. They work with me and uncover what their deepest dreams and goals are. Let’s see if that’s what you want to do also…

Was that child curiously leader-driven?

Revisit your younger self, when you were your most passionate and imaginative. What were you doing in unrestrained happiness? Check out the photo albums and speak with family and friends. Was that child hustling and trying to sell things to unsuspecting family members? (Guilty) Was that child in charge, curious and a little, okay, quite bossy? (Yep, that too!) Did you have a stronger feeling of wanting to be your own boss when you were younger? 

Do you have an idea?

You probably have an endless supply of ideas and hundreds of notes in your phone. (Hello multi-passionate mind!) Things you quash or forget easily because, well, you’re busy! Go back and review those notes. Go back to certain years in your life when you had an aha! moment. Go back to those conferences, events or people you learned from that left you in awe. What ideas are you brewing now?

Entrepreneurship might be a good fit for you. Here’s how to tell… Murielle Marie

What does your dream life look like?

You might keep a journal, a mood board, or a vision board on Pinterest of all your dreams. If you have none of those, now’s the time to do so. Grab some magazines, or just put on your favorite playlist and meditate. Centre yourself on what have you been dreaming. If money and resources were not an issue, what would you do? Dream big, no edits, no limits.  

Who inspires you?

When getting to know your entrepreneurial spirit, listening is more important than speaking. Listen to yourself and to others. If you’re networking, pause and get to know everyone, and find out from the people around you, what entrepreneurship is like and what their favorite part is. Hey, maybe you’ll end up with a mentor! What entrepreneurs are you instantly feeling connected with? Are their success stories inspiring you to start your own thing?

What’s holding you back?

When was the last time you faced uncertainty, but you were in control? That’s kind of like considering being your own boss. You learn the skills as you go, yes (hello, library card), but you also have to get inspired by your inner child, ideas, dreams and professional desires. What types of problems or issues get your juices flowing? Is it fashion, accessories, animals, housing affordability – what’s a problem you face that you would love to fix? Some of these preliminary daydreams has lead to a lot of creative – and successful businesses today.

Answering these questions got you excited, and inspired to start your own project but you feel stuck where you are, and not quite ready to take a leap (even to start with a little side hustle)? Self-doubt and fear might be holding you back from expressing your true entrepreneurial nature. 

Reflect and review the activities above and get back to me, a week or a month from now, don’t worry I’ll still be here – tell me all about what happened in your free coaching session.

It’s never too late to step into the entrepreneurial life. Admitting you’re bored or uninspired is the first step! Get off the couch after work (and on the weekends), change out of your PJs and start getting inspired. If you journal and seize the moments outlined above you will soon uncover (and no, not overnight), if entrepreneurship is for you and how. 

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