Indecision Preventing You From Taking Career Action?

A client recently shared they’ve been out of the workforce for 10 years and now taking a giant leap into entrepreneurship,...

A client recently shared they’ve been out of the workforce for 10 years and now taking a giant leap into entrepreneurship, but that it doesn’t come without a lot of fear and self-doubt. The result? Indecision, and no step taken forward! This is a typical scenario. You might not be having the same dilemma, but I bet you know how it feels like to have fear preventing you from moving forward (I know I do).

Indecision takes your attention away from making confident decisions quickly, because you’re so focused on that self-doubt blabbermouth sitting on your shoulder.

The three main problems indecision causes in our careers or businesses are: fear-based thinking; decreased self-confidence; and an inability to take action. Now that we’ve called a spade a spade, the remedies for those problems become clearer.

You need to tackle the root causes of what’s driving your fear. Is it insecurity? Fear of failure or making mistakes? (I know the perfectionist in you can relate to this!).

Questioning, ruminating, and over-analyzing your options endlessly comes down to fear – the f-word we hate to tackle. Based on the work I coach my clients through, I uncovered that almost all fears come down to one idea: thinking you won’t be able to handle the outcome of your choice. This fear of losing control (some uncertain future you’ve made up) is what keeps you from taking the plunge.

Three tips to beat indecision and move forward with your career or business:

Overcome fear
– mistakes are human, resilience is important (even JK Rowling was rejected over 12 times; also FuckUpNights is a thing). That’s how you learn, grow, and bounce back from setbacks. Tell this to yourself everyday and forgive your past self. Some people might not approve (you’re leaving a comfy 9-5 job to do what!?), while others might hate (wow you really built that on your own). Trust your intuition (it’s never wrong) that knows your decisions feel right, over anybody else’s unsolicited opinions. Practice daily, repeat.

Increase your confidence
– safe doesn’t equal success. Safe doesn’t even equal confidence. We can gain the most confidence when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and beyond limiting external expectations to evolve into our best selves. Seeking external validation does a disservice to confidence and self-esteem. By avoiding the hard work of growth, you avoid going after what you really want – all in the name of fear. Not deciding to change careers, or start that side hustle today is a decision too and a terrible one because you’re giving power to your fear. Also, don’t let crappy people define your value; instead shift your confidence mindset.

Take action
– count to three and take action. Don’t think about it, just do it (Nike royalties TBD). If you let indecision take precedence over action, then you’ve already decided not to do anything. Act, then decide, especially when you’re stuck (this does not mean go purchase a new car and get reckless). While acting first might sound counter intuitive, remember the inner critic that’s over analyzing the situation from 35 different angles has now set you back months, or even years. Can you look back 5 years from now and be okay with your indecisions?

The best way to move past your fears is to take action. The same goes for your indecision.

Very often, choosing something, even if it’s the wrong decision, will allow you to move forward and choose the right one down the line. That’s all anyone does in life, we learn all the ways not to do something until we learn to better focus on what we can do and will do – this takes time, patience and perhaps a little bit of coaching (my clients seem to like me! Why not start with a free coaching session).

Just do something!

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