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How Michelle Started Her Freelance Copywriting Business

How Michelle Started Her Own Freelance Copywriting Business

I met Michelle at the end of 2016, when she was settling into her new apartment in Paris. Michelle had read one of my posts about multi-passionate creative women and could see herself in what I was describing. What followed were some powerful months where Michelle got clear on what she wanted, and finally admitted……

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3 Things That Made me Happy in February

3 Things That Made me Happy in February

It feels like ages since I wrote anything here. In fact it isn’t just a feeling. I haven’t written anything since September. The last months of 2017 were challenging to say the least. In the aftermath of the separation I went through I found myself incapable of writing. I needed time to come to terms……

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Sisterhood Dinner Paris December 2016

The Sisterhood Dinner of December 16th, 2016 on a river cruise boat, overlooking the flanks of the Seine, and the gorgeous Eiffel Tower Winter lights was an absolute delight. A select group of women gathered together to enjoy some fine dining, and to celebrate their successes of 2016. While cruising the river Seine, and enjoying……

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