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New Year's resolutions are great, but...

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been down that road where we list all the things we plan to accomplish in the New Year yet never do! We want big things for ourselves: a fulfilling life, work that matters, great relationships, challenges that force us outside of our comfort zone, inspiring experiences...

When we first set these goals, we have high hopes that we’ll reach them.
So why - so often - don’t we?

I have spent years and years struggling with this question. Writing down bullet after bullet all the amazing things I wanted for myself, yet never achieving those goals. And my guess is, you’ve been there too.

The truth is: multi-passionate, talented, creative, ambitious doers like us are DIFFERENT.

We are driven by our wish to accomplish and execute on our interests and creative ideas that never seem to go away. We have a relentless feeling that there’s something more out there for us… If we could, we would do even more of what fascinates us, not less.

Then, there’s reality...

In the middle of trying to stay afloat in life, hoping to finalize a project before that important meeting, wishing you could pick up the kids at least once on time from school this week, trying to meet your obligations and exceed the expectations of others, you fail to meet the ones you have of yourself.

Before you know it, 6 months have passed and you don’t even remember your New Year’s resolutions. You catch yourself thinking - “I will start after my birthday” or “next month”, or you'll start after that big launch or conference...

If the techniques you’ve used so far didn’t give you the results
you wanted before, why would this time be any different?

Every year it’s the same thing. The goals slip away and at the end of the year you’re right where you started, just trying to keep up with whatever life throws at you. “I’ll try again next year,” you say, and when January 1st hits again, you start another list of goals.

Make a difference this year

Instead of writing endless lists of dreams, goals and to-dos, in this course we’re going to take an altogether different approach. We’re going to create a system that works for you, not try to squeeze you in a system that wasn’t made for you in the first place! (Because, remember, you’re a different kind of cookie!)

Before you start building your plan, we’re going to take a look inside your multi-passionate, creative mind; we’re going to get to know you – and what makes you tick - on a deeper level. Together we’ll discover all the roadblocks that have been preventing you from achieving your goals. Uncovering what has been limiting you, with an actionable goal-setting approach specific to your unique needs. This is the key to successfully turning your New Year’s resolutions into achievable goals once and for all.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

- Oprah -

How it works

The Dream Bigger 3-Week Self-Paced Course will give you the tools to deal with your unique multi-talented and curious mind so you can stay on track to achieving your dreams. You’ll find out that you don’t have to sacrifice your self-care and be hard on yourself in order to get to where you want to in life. On the contrary, we’ll explore how a healthy dose of soulfulness, self-love, self-care, self-confidence and self-everything can make your days not just more productive, but more intentional! I will show you that it’s possible to set and achieve goals without overwhelm, failure, constant negative self-talk or disappointment.

Join me on this adventure of setting and achieving your goals. You will be among a group of ambitious, multi-talented and inspiring women for a transformational journey that will give you a more effective approach to goal-setting and achieving your dreams.

Make This Year the year you finally:

  • Figure out how your curious, multi-talented mind works.
  • Not only set New Year's resolutions for yourself, but finally achieve them too!
  • Set goals that inspire you and create a concrete plan and system to guide you and support you throughout the year.
  • Have my expertise as life and career coach for multi-passionate women to help you both with your personal and professional goals.
  • Stay motivated throughout the year with regular invite-only online events, email digests, and fresh material added to the program regularly.
  • Get out of procrastination mode and finally finish what you started!

Whatever your goals are - better health, personal well-being, professional success, career change, writing a book, learning a new skill, traveling, living a more creative lifestyle or anything else you dream of - you'll be supported, encouraged, guided and cheered on along the entire way through a unique support system created with your curious, multi-passionate self in mind.

This Program is for you if:

  • You're a multi-talented, creative, ambitious doer looking for a system that really works.
  • You have big dreams and goals that you want to achieve for yourself.
  • You know there is more for you, but you're not sure of what you want our how to get it.
  • You're the eternal goal-setter, list-maker, and New Year's resolutions bullet-pointer, but you never seem to get past those first few weeks of good intentions.
  • You could use a little support to see things through as you go after your dreams this year.

When you sign-up for the course you'll get:


A welcome package and orientation material sent immediately to you upon sign-up to get you started with setting your goals successfully, even before the course starts!


An initial coaching questionnaire to allow me to get to know you better and to tailor the program exactly to your needs.


3 weeks of emails to cover everything from figuring out what you really want, and creating your vision, all the way to planning your year and putting that plan into action!


Planning tools and exercises to help you stay on track throughout the year!


Course material, reading lists, and additional resources to help you create a goal-setting system that works for you.


The Dream Bigger Course is a 3-week self-paced email course.
Your Investment: €197 (vat included)

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The Dream Bigger Course is a self-paced 3-week email course. This means you can sign up at any time.


If you are a multi-talented, ambitious woman with more interests than you possibly could shew, this program is made for you.

If you have big dreams and goals that you want to achieve, but no clue about what to choose, or how to get there, then this program is absolutely right for you!

If you are the eternal goal-setter, list-maker and New Year's resolutions bullet-pointer, but you never seem to get past that first few weeks of good intentions, then this program is perfect for you too!


YES! The Dream Bigger Course is open for enrollment all year long. After registration the 21 day email course will start arriving in your mailbox for when you’re ready to get started.


I'm fully committed to making this program the best program that it can be. That means that I will be with you all the way through the next 12 months. By enrolling in you commit to showing up for yourself too. I can make no guarantees about the level of success for you in achieving your goals, however I can guarantee that I will do my best to guide you and assist you in doing so.

This was a truly enriching experience. Becoming a part of a group of successful women, you start to believe in your own success. I’d recommend the Retreat to anyone who wants to feel empowered, and connect with amazing women.

Annelies Noblesse
Freelance Project Manager

The program is unlike any other I know. It’s perfectly balanced between coaching work, and spirituality. I loved meeting new women, and the inspiration, support, and connection I felt throughout the day.

Maja Savic
Transformational Coach

Thanks to the program I know that I’m not alone in my struggles. I’ve connected with amazing women, and created an action plan for myself. At the end of the day I felt invigorated, enriched, enlightened.

Boushra Almutawakel

Going into the program I was looking to figure out how to prioritize my actions in order to achieve my goals. This was very impactful for me. It left me feeling wonderful.

Michelle Baun

The program felt like a great opportunity to meet new people and benefit from the experience of others. It was a fantastic experience that taught me the importance of taking action now. Loved it!

Marie-France Samba
Founder - Shakespeare Kids Academy

It was a beautiful experience where I learned to trust myself more, and discovered the power of being supported by others. Everything about it was perfect.

Ruslana Regi
Makeup Artist

The program was amazing. I feel like I’ve expanded, and grown from this experience. I met new wonderful women, and learned a lot about myself.

Veronica Sosa
Business Strategist

I feel I’ve gained the right tools, and knowledge to start working towards my goals again. I’m so grateful for this important work, and I’d say the program is a must try for any woman.

Soumia Nane
Private Concierge

I’m very grateful for this wonderful experience. I feel connected to women I didn’t even know, and to all the women in the world. I feel that we can succeed to make the world a better place together. A powerful, unique experience that I can only recommend.

Hawai Kaa
Business Lawyer / Coach and Hypnotherapist

I was surprised to discover how powerful support can be. I feel more empowered to actively undertake new things, to shift towards a “growth mindset”. It was a unique, loving gathering of women.

Greet Noblesse

After this experience I felt energized, and deeply touched by how we can support each other as women. I’ve gained more trust in myself, and in women thanks to it. Very healing!

Mylene Fernström
Excellence Specialist

It was great to experience the support from so many women, and also to realise that deep down we’re all struggling with the same things. I loved how small steps can lead to big results.

Silvia Brouwers

I love to connect with inspiring people, especially now that I’m in career and life transition. The confidence exercises helped me to find my energy again, and to believe that I can do it! I felt safe, and supported. It was exactly what I needed.

Clelia Isaac
Life Coach

Through this program I learned that when you dig further into yourself you can discover a lot of strength, and great qualities. I heard so many positive, nice things that I leave feeling energized, ready to take on the world!

Stéphanie Mertens
Bachelor in Laboratory Work

Throughout the program, and thanks to the stories of others, I learned that little steps can lead to big results. I wish there were more programs like this, that’s how powerful they are!

Lucele Leon-Felix
CEO Influence Event

Through this program I learned that I can dream my own dreams, and do my own thing. It was an inspiring experience filled with connection, and love. If you have the chance I’d say to go for it. Your life will never be the same again.

Rasa Kisieliute
Freelancer / Designer

Thanks to this program I shifted my perception. I’ve gained confidence, I trust myself more. But that’s not all. My thoughts shifted from being negative and destructive, to being positive and constructive. What an incredible change!

Jurate Gutmanaite

After today I feel more abundant than ever, and I know I am on the right path to become the woman I want to be. What an intense, and powerful experience!

Rhizlaine Bosli
Interior Designer

I learned how to reset my mindset, and how to take decisive action towards my goals. It’s interesting to see how women often share the same stories, and the same fears. Having that mirror helped me to move forward with my own issues, and to realise that big plans can start with one small step.

Elli Ivkovic
HR Assistant

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