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“When we first connected, a job promotion had just fallen through for me and I was trying to figure out my next step, personally and professionally. I was hurt and disappointed, and started wondering: if this job is not meant for me, what is? I allowed myself to think about my decade-long daydream of backpacking solo through Western Europe. And thanks to your coaching sessions, it was quite clear that I could truly make it a reality.

When our first sessions started, I immediately felt comfortable and focused. And after that session, I already felt that I had made solid and tangible progress. Thanks to your coaching, I feel much more confident and empowered as a person, than I did just 6 months ago. My decision to make this huge life change feels completely right, and I really have not doubted it at all – which is a huge change from my typical mentality.

Thank you for being you and for doing what you do! I cannot explain how lucky and blessed I feel to be one of the people who’s gotten to receive your coaching. I always knew I had all of my inner thoughts, dreams, and goals, yet you helped me hear them loud and clear. You are an amazing gift to everyone who gets the pleasure of working with you, and you are truly a role model to me. I can’t wait to see you in Europe!”

– Ilyssa Plumer
Training Specialist


“At the beginning of this journey I wanted to achieve so much but did not know where and how to start. I could feel the amazing connection and kindness from Murielle straight away and knew that coaching with her would help me make some big shifts on both career and personal goals.

By the end of the first call I had 3 clear goals in front of me and couldn’t wait to start working towards them. Things that felt daunting or impossible before started to look much more attainable. I learnt some powerful tools that are useful in my everyday and also when planning my future. The biggest change I see in me is that now nothing feels impossible and I feel can achieve anything that I really want.”

– Helena Klanjscek
Project Manager


“When the coaching series started, I was struggling with getting organized, setting objectives I could achieve and trusting I could do it all. I wanted to be at the top of my game at work, be a supermom and launch many projects at once. It was all overwhelming and I needed some guidance on how to steer my life goals in an organized and stress-less way.

Now I feel more confident that I can reach the goals I’ve set for myself; I don’t doubt my capacity for achieving them anymore and I surround myself with the right people to do so. I’ve also accepted that my creativity is part of me, it makes me who I am, and I don’t need anyone’s approval to use it and live by it. It was truly an eye-opening and empowering experience. Thank you Murielle. I love your knowledge-sharing attitude. And everything you do during the coaching sessions, you do with love, enlightenment, and professionalism.”

– Salima Tiamani
Communications Specialist / Blogger


“When I first connected with Murielle, I was looking for a big change in my life, but I didn’t know how to get there. I was at a crossroad in my life and Murielle’s positive attitude and energy felt just right to me. I was happy at my job, but I knew there was something more to life than this.

Through the work I’ve done with Murielle, I became aware that I deserve better, that I have to listen to myself more, that I have to believe in myself, and that “yes” I can do this! So I’m working on my own project idea, and I’m letting it grow together with me. I don’t know where it will take me, but I’m really enjoying the journey. And I’m so much happier for it. It’s been such an amazing journey.”

– Stéphanie Mertens
Bachelor in Pharmacy and Biology


“I’m in my first year of business and experiencing the growing pains/wins with being a solopreneur. An influx of work (yay!) made me realize there are holes in my work process and systems. I got to the point where I felt overloaded and panicked about handling it all successfully.

Although I feel like I could have chatted with Murielle for hours, I felt we really addressed the core aspects of what I was anxious and unsure of around my business. Murielle addressed each issue thoroughly, with a kindness and care that left me feeling relieved and clear.

Thank you, Murielle, for making me feel like my concerns and questions were normal and that there was a way through. You were kind, easy to talk to, and comforting – while still commanding trust and confidence in your expertise.”

– Cara Chace –
Social Media Strategist


“Murielle is the most wonderfully vibrant and warm person. Having been on her own journey of self discovery and self love, she knows the path she preaches as she has walked it. She is a brilliant business woman who brings deep reflection, care and love to all she does. She is truly passionate about empowering other women to know and love themselves. If this is something you’re craving, you will do amazing things with Murielle alongside you.”

– Kate McCready –
Holistic Business & Career Coach


I’ve always struggled with productivity and staying consistent, and I was ready to tackle that struggle, making more space for freedom and creativity.

After we connected, a personal tragedy forced me to redefine my path and focus and I needed assistance. Our first session was so cathartic! That kind of open true support is very hard to find in people and Murielle has such a gift for it! Thanks to the newfound ability to focus and quit “sweating the small stuff”, I confidently achieved my goals by the end of our sessions.

For once, I’m actually looking forward to starting a new year since my outlook is filled with more hope and confidence than I’ve ever had before!

– Adina Pease –


“When I started coaching with Murielle, I was a little over mid way into my sabbatical and needing clarity around my business goals and way forward in 2016. I remember feeling that the sessions were well-structured, and that Murielle was professional and a good fit because of her blend of business practicality, openness to heart and a tad of spirituality.

My focus during these last few months was to go from idea to action and that is exactly what I have done.

Murielle, to give so freely of your time, your heart, your compassion, your knowledge, and expertise, was a real gift. You were always professional, present, eager, and full of love and light. Thank you so much for partnering with me at a pivotal transition time in my life.”

– Tracey A.
Founder, On Purpose Collective


“When we first connected, I was not in a good place. I was not happy at my work and I hated being afraid of the future.

After the first session, I began to rediscover my bravery. I no longer accepted less than what I deserved. I finally stood up for myself and decided that I would not work more for less, in fact, I needed less work for more money! Murielle’s advice “Don’t work hard, work SMART”, has become my motto.

The best transformation? The fear is not gone – it is transformed into excitement. I’m excited about the future and the opportunities it holds.

– Slavina Stoyanova
Project Coordinator


“As a novice online shop owner, I was struggling to get exposure and find a tribe ready to fall in love with my product. Thanks to an insightful and goal-oriented session with Murielle, I found much needed clarity in terms of what’s working well and what I should improve.

I have been given a concrete roadmap that I could take away and apply immediately. I can honestly say I’ve seen marketing, customer loyalty, and online business in a completely new light. I am implementing the plan and already seeing traction. Importantly, thanks to Murielle, I finally feel absolutely confident that I can achieve a huge success in my business.

– Suryani Six –
Personal Stylist & Jewelry Maker


“The first thing I felt when talking with Murielle was a boost in confidence. Murielle trusted me from the very beginning. And, as an immediate result, I could see that confidence in myself. It’s been only one of many positive feelings from knowing her. Murielle is a gifted woman full of talents and interests.

Her business skills are perfectly aligned with her qualities as a woman, revealing at the same time all of her femininity. She has the characteristics of a loving and compassionate mother, as well as the wisdom of someone who had a deep soul searching and the mentality of a true business woman. I am happy to know and be able to count on a woman so rich from within!”

– Veronica Pacella –
Holistic Nutritionist & Life + Health Coach


“Murielle has been a silent power behind everything I’ve been doing for the last 6 months. She has helped me with practical ways of putting myself first on my “to do” list. Through her coaching I’ve learned that if I am called to serve BIG I have to nourish myself and have a real loving relationship with myself in order to support my own clients and my family.

Murielle also helped me stand in my own power and conviction by steeping everything that I do in self love. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create positive and lasting change in their life and/or business. Thank you MURIELLE XOXO.”

– Pat Romain –
Life and Leadership Coach


“As an employee in a small organization, a lot of the work that needs to be done falls under “communications”. With an outdated website and complicated structure, a huge challenge was set! Thankfully I could count on Murielle Marie.

She quickly analyzed the problem, gave me clarity on the steps I could take and what aspects are important to keep an eye on during the process.

It was as if she transformed the chaos in my head into a workable plan. From feeling lost, to not only be enthusiastic about the project, but actually having a very clear path as well – Murielle Marie listened and encouraged me to overcome the issues I was feeling uncertain about. What an effective session! Thanks a lot!”

– Kirsten R – Brussels


Krisztina-Kupi“Murielle firmly believes that people’s attitude can be changed for the better, that our life is what we make out of it and that the world can become a better place by talking about the relevant issues and asking the right questions.

Her sense of mission, integrity and life experience make her a genuinely authentic person. Not only is she a good communicator, but also a very kind and warm-hearted woman: working with her brings out your most creative side while you feel completely at ease in her company.”

– Krisztina Kupi
Copywriter and Certified Translator


ewa-lewandowska“Meeting Murielle was a defining moment in my professional development, which convinced me in my ability to fully transition to a freelance career. Project managing at Fearless Coaching, I am proud to participate in developing programmes, events and experiences that provide real value and help empower women to fulfil their entrepreneurial potential.

Working with Murielle, I gained so much more than an involvement in a meaningful and visionary project- I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to benefit from Murielle’s teachings, wisdom and contagious enthusiasm everyday. She’s a natural leader, transforming lives not only through her programmes, but through her powerful presence which inspires everyone around her.”

– Ewa Lewandowska
Freelance Project Manager


yanna-nikolova“I have dreamt of becoming a freelance writer for years – being able to write from anywhere and on various topics was one of my biggest goals in life. I knew I had what it takes, but I was too scared to put myself out there. Meeting Murielle helped me find my inner courage, my voice and my strengths. Her confidence, business feminism, and unique approach helped me realize that I was letting my limiting beliefs get in the way of my goals. I have her to thank now for being able to do what I feel passionate about and for being able to make one of my biggest dreams come true. Now I know there is no such thing as “impossible”!

– Yanna Nikolova
Freelance Writer and Life Explorer


Krista-Vandermeulen“I worked with Murielle to create my website on collaborative consumption. She was an absolute driver and had a creative think out of the box mindset that I could rely on. Her positive “yes you can” attitude took me through moments of doubt and difficulties. What I appreciated most about working with Murielle, was her ability “to live” the project with me as if it was hers. Working with Murielle is more than just a business relationship, it is all about getting the best out of you and making you shine as a human.”

– Krista Vandermeulen –
Business Developer and Founder of

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