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Hi there, I’m Murielle Marie. I’m so happy you’re here.

And I bet I know a bit about where you’re coming from…

You’re a creative soul, a passionate woman. You’ve got this beautiful vision of what you’re life should look like, all these great interests, yet you’re having trouble sticking to your resolutions, to get going with your projects or to really see things through. It seems that all you ever do is start: that new project, that new diet, that new way of being, that new routine, that new great resolution that will finally get you where you want to be…

There’s this strange feeling that keeps coming back into your mind – that you’re meant for something more.

You want nothing else than to stick to your resolutions, to create healthy habits for yourself, life your dream life,  to start that amazing new project, or even to launch your own business… but you feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost. You’ve tried so many times before. You’re afraid you’re not good enough. You fear it won’t work out. Or you simply don’t know where to start.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can achieve your goals, and that there’s an amazing life – your life – waiting for you.

But to get there you need to pivot into a new frame of mind, look at what’s not working in your life so you can overcome the blocks that stop you from taking action… and to get what you want!

And I’m the coach that can help you to do that.

But first things first. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Murielle Marie. I’m a multi-passionate and creative woman. I’m a life and business coach, and the founder of The Sisterhood Collective, an online women empowerment school. I’m also a soulful entrepreneur, an activist, a writer, and a speaker.

With a strong focus on action-taking, women empowerment and sisterhood, I have a particular interest in helping women move through fear by questioning their thoughts, and a strong belief in the benefits of self-love, and putting yourself first.

Through the work we do together, my clients gain clarity about what they really want to do, and the confidence to do it! They overcome their feelings over overwhelm, fear, not being good enough, or simply not knowing what to do. They learn to trust themselves more so they can go after what they really want in their life, and career or business.

Some of my clients’ incredible life transformations include:

  • Gaining the self-confidence to stop pleasing everyone, to speak up, to set healthy boundaries, and to put herself first
  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown, and loss of control to go backpacking through Europe for 6 months
  • Getting rid of anxiety, and worry to go out, make new friends, and feel at ease in social situations
  • Learning to trust herself enough to stand up for what she beliefs, and write a book about it
  • Conquering her inner mean girl to be able to enjoy who she is, the way she is, in the body that she has

Some of my clients’ incredible business transformations include:

  • Overcoming the fear of starting a new business to land a massive freelance contract
  • Working through overwhelm, and not knowing what to do next to have a fully booked work calendar months in advance
  • Finding the courage to leave a secure 9 to 5 job she hated to go after the job she really wanted
  • Beating procrastination to combine her many passions into an exciting new creative project
  • Taming the fear of being seen to create a unique online course


With me, it’s all about questioning what you think you can’t do, turning your dreams into a plan, and taking action. Yes, that’s right, you can’t change your life just by dreaming about it. Believe me, I know, I’ve been there!

It’s time to kick procrastination in the butt. Everything you ever dreamed of is possible, you only have to get up, and go do it!

If you’re anything like I used to be, you have all these ideas in your head, but you don’t know what you really want, or how to get there. And it scares you! You lack the confidence to put yourself out there.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to live up to what you think the world expects of you, and by doing that you’ve ignored your dreams for so long that you feel totally stuck. Or you have what looks like too many passions, and the thought of choosing one really scares you. What if you make a wrong choice? What if you don’t like it? Because after all, you’ve started so many things before…

But deep down you know it’s now or never. You’ve dreamed about your life long enough. Now it’s time to live it!

From the outside looking in, everything about you seems fine. But inside you’re not feeling so good, and you know you are meant to do what you love. But you just don’t know how to get there.

If this is you, you’re right where I was until a few years ago.

Deep down, I knew there was something else for me. Although on the outside I looked like an accomplished business woman with a successful track record, on the inside things were different. To be honest, I didn’t really love myself or the things I was doing.

For a big part of my life I had felt out of place, as if I didn’t belong. Whatever I achieved, I never really enjoyed it, always focusing on the next thing to prove myself instead of celebrating my accomplishments. The worst part of it was that I always ended up judging myself. Even when I had accomplished something huge, I was never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough… to be proud of myself.

My accomplishments always felt more like streaks of luck than successful endeavors, and I never, never gave myself a shoulder tap for them.

Then in 2010 something life-changing happened. During the summer, both of my parents died. Experiencing the death of my parents, especially in just weeks from each other, was a real life-changer for me. Up until that point, I’d only ever done one thing: try to be worthy of my parents’ love.

I realized I had not lived the life that I wanted to live, and not done the things that I wanted to do. I had all these ideas and projects in my head, yet I kept finding excuses for to keep putting them off.
But when my parents died I lost all sense of purpose, and I suddenly realized I didn’t know who I was, or what I wanted anymore. Why wasn’t I living the dream life I was always imagining? Why had I put off doing the things that I wanted to do for so long? When would “later” ever come?

atwindow-murielle-marieAfter a few years of soul-searching, I finally started seeing more clearly and understanding life in a totally different way. It felt like being born again, but this time, freed of all the constraints and false beliefs that had ruled my life for so long. After having spent years ignoring who I was as a woman, living for the sake of others and not following my passions, I felt the need to start listening to my inner voice, and to finally become who I really wanted – and needed – to be in order to be happy.

That’s when I decided it was time to give back by sharing everything I had learned during my soul-searching journey, as well as my 15+ years in business, and help creative and multi-passionate women who crave to create and make a difference in the world, to overcome their fears, and to allow themselves to finally living their amazing creative lives, and do the work they are really called to do.

This is your life. Don’t wait any longer to pursue your dreams. Get into action. I know you’ve got this!

Put yourself first in all that you do. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, and know that you are enough just the way you are. You are worth it. Your life is amazing – you’re amazing. Your gifts are unique, and the world needs them. But to get there, you need to overcome what’s stopping you from doing what you really want.

I would be honored to support you to do that. So, if you’re ready to explore how trusting yourself, loving yourself more, and getting into action can change your life – and the world, I would love to hear from you.

Click here to send me an email and say hi or fill in the form below to reserve your free 30-minute session with me. I’d love to get to know you!

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I’m a multi-passionate person. I’m also an environmentalist, and a feminist. When I’m not coaching, writing, speaking or running my businesses, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up some delicious vegan recipes, practicing yoga or meditating on life’s most precious and complicated questions, jumping up and down to old Jane Fonda aerobics videos to give my body the movement that it craves, nestling in the sofa to read a book, taking long walks with my sweet Labrador Flex, traveling or having intense moments and interesting conversations about life’s big mysteries with my husband and soulmate, Sam.

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