Could you work less and achieve more?

Imagine getting through the day feeling stress-free and accomplished, with plenty of energy left to head to that art class you’ve always wanted to take, or whip up a delicious meal for your friends.

I can already picture your inner perfectionist getting skeptical, but hear me out…

Keeping busy and getting a lot done can feel like success, but is it getting you closer to the life you really want?

I’ve spent years hostage of my self-imposed, impossible-to-do task list, not realizing that’s is NOT what doing my best work should feel like. Meanwhile, I brushed away thoughts about all those declined coffee invites, rescheduled weekend getaways, letting close friends down with last minute “Sorry, too busy!” texts.

Success came with a high price of stress, overwhelm, neglected relationships and never feeling good enough.

If you’re reading this, my guess is, you’ve been there too.

We live in a world of 12-seconds attention span, ASAP replies and need-it-for-yesterday deadlines, with constant pressure to be everything to everyone.

And the person who’s pressuring you the hardest? That’s probably you.

The truth is: multi-passionate, talented, creative doers like us work DIFFERENTLY.

We’re driven by our desire to accomplish, explore our interests and turn creative ideas into action. We have that nagging feeling that there’s something more out there for us… If we could, we would do even more of what fascinates us, not less.

Then, reality sinks in...

In the middle of the balancing act that is your life, you’re hoping to finalize a project before that important meeting, wishing you could pick up the kids from school on time for once, you blame yourself for not getting everything right. Trying to meet obligations and exceed the expectations of others, you fail to honour the promises you make to yourself.

Deep down you know you might be on a path to burnout, and not having a clue what to do about it is getting you down, weighing heavily on your physical and spiritual well-being.

In a world where there’s never enough time, moving past overwhelm is a true act of bravery!

It begins with giving things - and ourselves! - the time they deserve. The truth is, the demands will always keep popping up (like that ad for sunglasses that just won’t go away), making you feel guilty questioning your always-on, chaotic lifestyle.

Are you brave enough to make new decisions?

Soulful productivity is a decision to become who you are. To trade superficial belonging for your deepest, most authentic dreams. A decision made easier with some guidance, and I’m here to help...

If you want different results, you need a new Playbook.

One that’s not filled with “have tos” and other people’s priorities. No more guilt and discomfort that feed your inner perfectionist, until you’re exhausted from just trying to stay afloat.

All of that can end now - with Soulful Productivity

Instead of trying to catch up with your endless to-do list, in this course we’re going to make the clock work for you. Together, we’re going to develop a system that’s designed just for you - no more trying to squeeze you into a setup that was handed to you by someone else (uhm, hello, patriarchy!).

Being soulfully productive starts by taking a look inside your multi-passionate, creative mind; we’re going to get to know you – and what makes you tick - on a deeper level.

Together we’ll we’ll knock down the barriers that have been preventing you from working from a place of calm instead of stress. We’ll uncover what has been limiting you, with an actionable approach tailored to your unique needs. This is the key to successfully turning your overwhelm into flow, soul, and ease once and for all.

A little more ABOUT ME

My name is Murielle Marie. I’m a multi-passionate, creative woman just like you. With no job title fitting my purpose - I created my own, becoming a Dream Alchemist. I’m a conscious career and business coach, and soulful productivity expert.

Based in Belgium (the world capital of chocolate and diamonds!), I have a global network of of phenomenal women whom I’m lucky to call my clients. Over the years, I saw these brilliant humans conquer their fears, revolutionize their to-do lists and in turn, their lives.

My work brings together practical, conscious career and business advice with wisdom and insights from the soulful productivity practices I developed, and philosophies of the mind, metaphysics, feminism, ecology, mindfulness, essentialism, minimalism and Buddhism.

I’m a certified, and extensively trained life coach (1000+ coaching hours) and I have a Masters in Philosophy. My life-long passion for learning led me to study mindfulness training, transcendental meditation, Hatha yoga, get the Feel the Fear accreditation, pursue a year-long feminist marketing training, and get a certification in positive psychology.

I'm currently training to become an ILS Master Coach. I'm enrolled in a conscious business and leadership program, and I was once seen rocking a Blondie t-shirt on a TEDx stage.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

- Socrates -

How it works

About the Soulful Productivity Course

This course is a 6-week journey into the world of doing less, but better. Doing things slower, but with more intent and focus. Achieving results faster, without burning yourself out or over-extending yourself. Redefining success on your own terms. Finally overcoming fear, anxiety and worry so you can live each day of your life with flow, soul, and ease.

Join me on an adventure to create a life you love.

By the time you complete this course and the transformative activities, you’ll have the tools and skills to become the task-accomplishing, goal-smashing and soulful productive human that you were always meant to be.

During our time together you’ll:

  • Become the soulful productive thinker, and doer that you’ve always wished you could be.
  • Make the clock for for you - we’ll change your relationship with time, making you the one in charge of your day, and ultimately, your life.
  • Soulfully productive or just busy? You’ll learn to spot the difference and choose the former - work that lights you up.
  • Say “au revoir!” to procrastination with feel-good productivity & planning tips.
  • Protect and express boundaries clearly to finally honour your needs (watching reruns of “Friends” can absolutely be a valid need).
  • Make time for the things that matter, without guilt or discomfort.
  • Align your soul with your dreams so that you goals become a true reflection of what you want.
  • Get practical tools to use immediately to reach your big goal.
  • Join a safe space where no dream is too crazy to ask questions, get support and stay motivated.

This Program is for you if:

  • You're a multi-talented, creative doer looking for a productivity system that really works.
  • You have big dreams and goals that you really want to achieve, and yet they always end up at the bottom of the list.
  • You know there is more to life, but you're not sure of what you want our how to get it.
  • You often struggle to prioritize your time and energy, with other people’s agenda too often dictating the pace.
  • You're the eternal goal-setter, and list-maker, who's tired of never really feeling accomplished - despite all those late nights in front of the screen.
  • You get overwhelmed by all the decisions and options constantly demanding your attention.
  • You could use some support & guidance to see things through as you go after your dreams.

When you sign-up for the course you'll get:


A Welcome Package with orientation material sent immediately to you (via email) upon sign-up, so you can start our soulful adventure right away!


A 40+ page printable Soulful Productivity PDF Workbook to guide you alongside the course.


6 Weekly Modules designed to bust right through your productivity blocks, tune into your multi-talented mind, set effective healthy boundaries, practice everyday balance, and create productivity habits and rituals that work for you!


Prompts, activities and exercises to help you put learnings into practice, and make it part of your new life!


Course material, reading lists, and additional resources to help you maximise the benefits & become a true Soulful Productivity Master.


A Private Facebook Group where I’ll be with you every step of the way, offering live guidance and weekly Q&A sessions (no question is too silly!).


When you sign up for the course you'll get access to
6 weekly modules that will change the way you work forever:

Week #1

Banish Distractions
We’ll kick things off by addressing all the distractions that were holding you back - because how can we get to the real work if we’re constantly overwhelmed?
We’ll then dive into your “why” and the relationship you have with yourself. As we work through organizing your thoughts, you’ll begin to understand how to get time to work for you and not against you. Equipped with practical tools to prioritize and manage your time, you might find yourself breathing with more ease as you begin to reclaim control of your calendar - and your life.

Week #2

Build Healthy Boundaries
Now that you’re learning to respect your time, it’s time for those around you to get the memo, too! Boundaries are safe and reasonable ways for how you expect others to behave towards you. So name your boundaries - what do you need to do to understand your own needs and priorities, mentally and emotionally, and how can you communicate that effectively? We’ll draw the lines and learn to say “no” effectively and confidently. We’ll understand different communication styles, challenge negative self-talk and create strong, positive affirmations to make guilt for standing up for yourself a distant memory.

Week #3

Embrace Simplicity
It’s time to declutter! The complex, chaotic and overwhelmed reality you might be living in is long due for a makeover.. By decluttering every facet of your life with effective and practical tools, tips and life hacks, we’ll move from chaos to calm and easy systems. The point is to have more space and time for the things that truly matter. The Declutter Method addresses all aspects of your life, environment, self-care, and even your devices. I’ll also help you make more time by embracing a new productivity mantra: “Eliminate, Automate, Delegate”.

Week #4

Find Balance
Balance is about more than just your work productivity. You are NOT just the work you do. In fact, you’re so much more than that! You’ll learn to be focused and intentional versus running on auto-pilot and discover what success really means to you (and not other people). We’ll also tackle that pesky ‘imposter syndrome’ - if you ask me, it’s been holding back brilliant women like you for far too long. We dive into inherited dreams, what other people impose on you, as well as review our role as women in work and society, and challenge the deeply ingrained patterns that create overwhelm in our lives in direct and indirect ways.

Week #5

Create Daily Rituals
This week we’re all about rituals, habits and effective goal setting – let’s get smarter, not work harder! Rituals are things you do intentionally and often with spiritual or divine intent. Let’s focus on your true inner being. There is no right way to create a ritual, but being intentional with what’s appropriate for you will set you on the right path. We’ll nurture soulful habits, self-awareness and routines to finally give you permission to put yourself first. We’ll practice effective goal setting, to move habits from awareness into practice, and turn them into inspiring and life-changing daily rituals.

Week #6

Master Soulful Productivity
Your time is now! It’s time to bring everything together - through deep awareness of no other time than the present, we transform the old into new. This week we’ll check-in and see if you’re self-sabotaging your efforts and dreams, what a perfectionist is and if you are one. We unmask the common traps we can fall into and learn to navigate them better. We open space to enjoy more of life rather than do things we dread just because, and we uncover your unique soulful recipe to happiness. Finally we talk about programming and turning our raw materials into our inner gold through Dream Alchemy - the final step toward soulful productivity.

Practical Info

The Soulful Productivity Course is available only two times a year.

Registration opens: Monday September 16th, 2019
Course duration: 6 weeks online
Access to course content & private Facebook Group: lifetime

(*+vat 21% where applicable)


Registration is currently closed.
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The Soulful Productivity Course only opens two times a year. When you sign up, you’ll immediately receive a welcome email with orientation information and a link to download your free 40+ page printable Soulful Productivity PDF Workbook. When the course starts you’ll get access to one module every week for six weeks. In the private Facebook Group you’ll have weekly live Q&A sessions with me, as well as ongoing support.


If you are a multi-talented, creative doer with more interests than you possibly could shew, this program is made for you.

If you have big dreams and goals that you want to achieve, but you keep losing the battle against your to-do list, then this program is absolutely right for you!

If you’re tired of the stress and the overwhelm, and are ready for a new Productivity Playbook, this program is exactly where you want to be!


This is the last time I open enrollment for this course this year. After registration closes there will be no way to get in until doors open again - months away from now! Even if you’re currently busy, joining now is giving yourself an amazing gift that you won't regret. The 6 week course will be waiting for you for when you’re ready to get started, and you can pick up things up in the private Facebook Group whenever you want.


In the past five years, through 1000+ coaching hours, I helped clients transform their work life and go from chaos to calm, while fast-tracking their path to soulful success. As I uncovered patterns that drive true productivity, I set out to create the best productivity course for ambitious, creative women - one I’d wish I’d taken years ago, when I embarked on figuring it out for myself.

Accountability is everything, and I will be with you all the way through the next 6 weeks. By enrolling you commit to showing up for yourself too. I can make no guarantees about the level of success for you in achieving your goals, however I can guarantee that I will do my best to guide you and assist you in doing so.

This was a truly enriching experience. Becoming a part of a group of successful women, you start to believe in your own success. I’d recommend the Retreat to anyone who wants to feel empowered, and connect with amazing women.

Annelies Noblesse
Freelance Project Manager

The program is unlike any other I know. It’s perfectly balanced between coaching work, and spirituality. I loved meeting new women, and the inspiration, support, and connection I felt throughout the day.

Maja Savic
Transformational Coach

Thanks to the program I know that I’m not alone in my struggles. I’ve connected with amazing women, and created an action plan for myself. At the end of the day I felt invigorated, enriched, enlightened.

Boushra Almutawakel

Going into the program I was looking to figure out how to prioritize my actions in order to achieve my goals. This was very impactful for me. It left me feeling wonderful.

Michelle Baun

The program felt like a great opportunity to meet new people and benefit from the experience of others. It was a fantastic experience that taught me the importance of taking action now. Loved it!

Marie-France Samba
Founder - Shakespeare Kids Academy

It was a beautiful experience where I learned to trust myself more, and discovered the power of being supported by others. Everything about it was perfect.

Ruslana Regi
Makeup Artist

The program was amazing. I feel like I’ve expanded, and grown from this experience. I met new wonderful women, and learned a lot about myself.

Veronica Sosa
Business Strategist

I feel I’ve gained the right tools, and knowledge to start working towards my goals again. I’m so grateful for this important work, and I’d say the program is a must try for any woman.

Soumia Nane
Private Concierge

I’m very grateful for this wonderful experience. I feel connected to women I didn’t even know, and to all the women in the world. I feel that we can succeed to make the world a better place together. A powerful, unique experience that I can only recommend.

Hawai Kaa
Business Lawyer / Coach and Hypnotherapist

I was surprised to discover how powerful support can be. I feel more empowered to actively undertake new things, to shift towards a “growth mindset”. It was a unique, loving gathering of women.

Greet Noblesse

After this experience I felt energized, and deeply touched by how we can support each other as women. I’ve gained more trust in myself, and in women thanks to it. Very healing!

Mylene Fernström
Excellence Specialist

It was great to experience the support from so many women, and also to realise that deep down we’re all struggling with the same things. I loved how small steps can lead to big results.

Silvia Brouwers

I love to connect with inspiring people, especially now that I’m in career and life transition. The confidence exercises helped me to find my energy again, and to believe that I can do it! I felt safe, and supported. It was exactly what I needed.

Clelia Isaac
Life Coach

Through this program I learned that when you dig further into yourself you can discover a lot of strength, and great qualities. I heard so many positive, nice things that I leave feeling energized, ready to take on the world!

Stéphanie Mertens
Bachelor in Laboratory Work

Throughout the program, and thanks to the stories of others, I learned that little steps can lead to big results. I wish there were more programs like this, that’s how powerful they are!

Lucele Leon-Felix
CEO Influence Event

Through this program I learned that I can dream my own dreams, and do my own thing. It was an inspiring experience filled with connection, and love. If you have the chance I’d say to go for it. Your life will never be the same again.

Rasa Kisieliute
Freelancer / Designer

Thanks to this program I shifted my perception. I’ve gained confidence, I trust myself more. But that’s not all. My thoughts shifted from being negative and destructive, to being positive and constructive. What an incredible change!

Jurate Gutmanaite

After today I feel more abundant than ever, and I know I am on the right path to become the woman I want to be. What an intense, and powerful experience!

Rhizlaine Bosli
Interior Designer

I learned how to reset my mindset, and how to take decisive action towards my goals. It’s interesting to see how women often share the same stories, and the same fears. Having that mirror helped me to move forward with my own issues, and to realise that big plans can start with one small step.

Elli Ivkovic
HR Assistant

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