How Ruslana Became Rome’s Go-To Bridal Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Ruslana is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist, currently based in Rome, Italy. I met Ruslana when I was in...

How Ruslana Became Rome’s Go-To Bridal Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist Murielle Marie

Ruslana is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist, currently based in Rome, Italy. I met Ruslana when I was in Rome in 2015 for a branding photoshoot (my first one!) with the incredibly talented Wendy Yalom. Ruslana and I connected right away. Her positive attitude, and enthusiasm were contagious! Not to mention her incredible talent! Since that first photoshoot, Ruslana has been my go-to make-up artist for my signature retreats in Paris. Ruslana is a dream to work with, and is starting to make her mark as the bridal expert of Italy. 

What was your big dream, and what inspired you to go after it?

When I was a child, I wanted to become an artist. I always felt inspired by colour and use different techniques to create something beautiful. When I grew up, I chose a career as a makeup artist so I could make brides-to-be beautiful. It’s such a wonderful feeling, to be able to just do what I love every day.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself. I never wanted to work for someone else, or have a boss telling me what to do. That’s why I love my job and why I’m so happy to be my own boss. I love the freedom I have from working as a freelancer.

Did you always have this dream?

I’ve always wanted to create things. I loved having “projects” and making things. In primary school I was always the one who wanted to organize work for the whole class, I was always creating. So yes, frankly speaking, I had entrepreneurship and leadership in me from childhood.

What was one of the first thing you did to get you started?

When I decided to turn my passion for make-up and hair styling into a business, the first thing I did was to invest in a website so I could show my skills to actual customers, not only to friends or my family. It was a big thing for me because at the beginning, I was a little shy, uneasy about showing myself to the world like that.

I think my talent pushed me to start. I was never scared to touch the face of a woman with my brushes. It felt so natural to me. Along the way, with all the support I’ve received from people that I didn’t even know, I understood this was what I should do with my life.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in working toward achieving your dream?

My biggest challenge was definitely breaking the language barrier. As all my clients are foreigners or mostly English speaking couples, I needed to learn English enough so I could explain my concepts, makeup ideas, hair styling vision and so… That was a huge issue for me at the beginning. But I knew that I could do it, and that it was necessary to achieve my dream. I believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This interview, alongside my growing business, are proof that it’s true. 

What do you wish you would have done differently? What would you warn others about?

I’m happy about my life and about all the opportunities I’ve had. I wouldn’t change anything. I just wish I started sooner. I wish I could go back to my ”younger” self and tell her:  “Just do what you really love!”

Would you say you’ve achieved your big dream yet?

No. There is always something bigger, right there behind the corner… so why stop here?

What do you think helped you achieve it?

Having a supportive husband and family. 

Without support, entrepreneurship can be really lonely, not to mention hard. Having someone to talk to when things don’t go as planned, or simply be able to share ideas and get a different perspective can be so valuable. I’m really blessed to have people in my life who care, and that I can always go to.

What’s the best advice you have for others who want to follow their big dreams?

Not to be scared, to do what they want and just to follow their dreams. It seems banal but self-esteem is still very important. Women need to know their value. To believe in themselves. Because once they do they become unstoppable.

Start doing something and never quit!

More about Ruslana

Ruslana offers luxury bridal services, and travels around the country (and the world) for destination weddings. She loves her job so much that it never feels like a real job, it’s her personal mission to know your wedding vision inside and out and give you the bridal look you’ve always dreamed about.

Ruslana participated in various small and big projects (one of them was for Lamborghini). Currently Ruslana collaborates with many world-famous brands and celebrities like Alana Masterson, Bijou Philips, Anfisa Chekhova, Anna Sedokova. Her work was published in international magazines such as Elle Bulgaria, L’officiel Latvia, Muaclub, wedding blogs, and Paris fashion week.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ruslana! She loves connecting with women from around the world. You can do so through her website at or on Instagram @ruslanaregi.

Ruslana’s favourite quote is:

Always remember: Life is for enjoying.
– Abraham Lincoln

Ruslana’s dream for the world is:

To make this world much happier and open-minded. Let’s stop judging and let people live their lives.


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