What to do When You’re Not Sure About What to do

The more I learn about myself, and the world, the more I’m convinced there’s so much I don’t know anything about....

What to do when you're not sure about what to do

The more I learn about myself, and the world, the more I’m convinced there’s so much I don’t know anything about.

Just last weekend – as I was fighting a nasty throat infection by binge-watching BBC’s Planet Earth (which you absolutely have to watch if you haven’t yet!), I came to the conclusion that I know so little about the Earth’s inhabitants… For the most part, this is OK. I welcome these reminders. They help me keep my mind sharp, and my interests many.

But often not knowing can really be a soul-sucker. For one, it’s a big anxiety trigger (at least for me). As someone who likes to have things nicely under control, not knowing how something is going to go, what to expect, or what to do is the opposite of comfortable for me. Throughout the years though, I’ve managed to easy up on that control freakishness, and don’t suffer from it that much anymore.

The real problem about not knowing, and the one that I’ve come across over, and over again with my coaching clients, is that indecision kills motivation, productivity, and even dreams. And I mean this in the most dramatic way possible.

But why, might you ask, is indecision such a killer? We can’t know everything, right, and I started this story by telling you how much I’m aware I don’t know anything about… Not knowing seems to be more common than knowing, so what’s the problem?

I believe there are a few different reasons, of which the main one is that while you’re not sure about what to do chances are you’re not doing anything. If you’re aiming for big dreams, and goals that’s a terrible start right there.

Then, there’s the problem of time. The longer you stay undecided, the more time goes by without you moving towards what it is that you want.

And finally, when we don’t know what to do we easily start to overthink things. Overthinking then leads to more indecision, and even less action. See what’s happening here?

The answer to today’s question then becomes really simple: when you’re not sure what to do, take action no matter what.

If you know me a little, you know how much I believe in the taking action mantra. The first step really is the hardest, everything else is easy (well, sort of :)). So if you manage to get yourself past that, you’ll be in motion, actually working towards releasing yourself from indecision. In fact, you’ll have taken a decision, even if it’s one you’re not sure about.

How do you take action when you’re not sure what to do?

The simplest answer is to do something, whatever it is. But of course, that’s where the problem started. So in order to figure out what a good starting point could be, here are a few things that can help.

For the sake of what follows, I’d love for you to bring into your mind’s eye the biggest goal you have for yourself this year. It might well be you know how to get started on it, or already have. If that’s the case: so well done to you! I’m super proud! Still hold that goal in your mind, it will serve as a great example. If not, no problem at all. After what follows you should have a much better plan to get started on that goal.

Ask your friends

Whenever I’m struggling to order my thoughts, or when I’m brewing over a new idea, goal, or project I love to talk to my friends about it. I’ll casually work my project into the conversation, asking them what they think about it, and how they would get about starting with it. Or I’ll call together a friend’s council, to discuss the project specifically. It works like magic. Every single time there’s a positive outcome, new ideas, a different perspective. Even if it’s not the solution to all your action-taking problems, it will definitely push you forward.

Follow your values

Knowing what you stand for is a powerful thing. It can be especially helpful when there’s a choice to make between two options, something I haven’t addressed but that’s inevitably part of being undecided. Just last week my husband asked me to do something that I felt sort of on the fence about. But by tapping into what I believe the answer offered itself to me, and without hesitation I knew what to do.

Listen to your intuition

As much as your values can help you to make decisions swiftly, I believe that listening to your intuition is even more powerful. I’ve spent a good chunk of the past few years learning to hear, then follow my intuition. My conclusion? There’s no better guide to help you make decisions.

Trust yourself

Finally, and this is a big one, trust yourself. The information age brings with it an endless influx of opinions, and (good) advice. But too much is too much. As I’ve mentioned above, overthinking induces more indecision, not less. That’s precisely what you’re inviting in your life when you decide to trust others more than yourself. And the crazy thing is? They’re not you… so how could they ever make a better decision for you than yourself?

I hope these tips help you to move past indecision, and into action. So in the comments below it’s time to let me know x

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