How to boost your self-confidence to get what you really want

I believe that self-confidence is an inside job – and in The Boho Loft this month, that’s all we’re talking about....

I believe that self-confidence is an inside job – and in The Boho Loft this month, that’s all we’re talking about. All around me, I see useful tips, articles, and theories about how changing something external about yourself can help you gain confidence and get you what you want: changing the way you dress, the way you hold your body, the power with which you shake people’s hands, etc.

And although I think that all these methods and options can be useful in the short term, over time, they won’t improve your self-confidence or self-esteem. To do that, what you’ll probably need to do is turn inwards.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are essential when you want to achieve big things (and little ones, too!).

The thing with self-confidence is that you need it to overcome the other hurdles and mental blocks that life will throw at you. In my case, for instance, I struggled to overcome the fears that kept me from doing and thinking big – in particular, the fear of being fully seen and the fear of success. And because I had low self-confidence and self-esteem, those fears where holding me back from taking action.

That’s why it’s so important to boost your self-confidence. It’s a powerful force to overcome your fears and to follow your calling – something that can be really hard to do when you lack the confidence to stand out from the crowd, and to do your own thing, unconventionally.

So, here is a list of things that have helped me to boost my self-confidence, and to get what I really want. They are not one-off tricks that will instantly make you more confident, and nor can I guarantee that all of them will work for you. What I do know is that boosting your self-confidence is a conscious choice that you can make at any time in your life, and that by making it a regular practice to work on your self-confidence, you will see the results in your life and business. Self-confidence rocks, and you can attain it!

How to boost your self-confidence to get what you really want

Understand your capacity for change.
You might think a lot of negative things about yourself, and you might have low self-confidence or self-esteem, but that doesn’t mean that it should always be like this. The first step in getting your self-esteem and self-confidence up is to understand and believe that you can change. The way things are today is not the way things need to be tomorrow. You have the capacity to change things for yourself, and by merely reading this article, you are, in fact, already doing so.

Get to know yourself.
We go to school for so many years, and we learn so many things, and yet we almost never have a class about what it means to be human or how to project ourselves and our feelings, let alone get interesting insights about self-confidence or any other subject that is essential to our happiness and well-being. This means you have to learn all of this for yourself. And you have to keep learning, too. Being alive, and having feelings and emotions, is such a magical and unique thing that it deserves for you to dig into it and learn all there is to learn about yourself, the world around you, and how you can thrive as a person in the world. Doing this will boost your self-confidence, and make you happier in the process, too!

Practice on the small stuff.
When you lack self-confidence, there are many occasions every day where having more of it could be a real asset. There might be something at work or in your business that you would love to deal with differently, but that just doesn’t come out right because you’re afraid to speak up. Or you might want to have a conversation with someone about something they said or did that hurt you, but self-esteem issues keep you from doing so. Or you might know it’s time for you to show yourself to the world, create that beautiful piece of art, start the blog you know you’re meant to start, or go for that promotion you’ve been dreaming about for so long… yet you lack the self-confidence to go for it.

Whatever your situation, there are so many occasions for you to practice standing up for yourself and asking for what you really want that my advice is to pick just one – a really small one – and test it out. Ask for what you want, and then brace yourself while you wait for the world to disintegrate. My bet is, nothing bad is going to happen. And, you might get what you want in the process!

In the end, you have the power to change how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. And, you have the power to ask for what you want. My wish is for you to use the tips above, and to start working on getting more of what you want.

Because you deserve it. And you need it to be happy.

So tell me, what do you really want, but aren’t going for because you’re afraid to ask for it?

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